Monday, June 8, 2015

77 Degrees

Good Morning,
That is warm for 05;30 in the morning; there is rain just off to our west and that front will cool thing off, well keep it from getting to hot.
I feel good this morning mentally and physically. I did have a dream about health and I awoke before things got out of hand. The good thing is that I can awake otherwise things get out of hand.
Mom made biscuits and gravy yesterday morning and enchiladas yesterday evening and yes I gained a pound this morning on the scale.
I drained the pool again yesterday; I can only drain a foot at a time but I have to drain at least 2/3  of the water before it is back in balance. It is a problem with Stabilizers/Conditioners. Click here to view video on high levels of pool Conditioners.
What I need to put in the pool is the product above which is Calcium Hypochlorite (photo at left) and if I need to raise the Stabilizers/Conditioners then I use Dichlor Chlorine (photo below Click here to view this video).

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