Friday, January 31, 2014

Good Morning

It is in the 30's outside. Here is a map but I have no clue why the clouds are going straight west to east.  Normally they go in a swirl; maybe the center of the storm is in the opposite side of the planet.
My nose is running and I feel like Rudolph with a head cold.
Mentally I am fine. I feel good enough to say good morning but eye crossed enough to know some head pain.
If there is an angel in the heavens named Ronda I want to call out her name.
Here is another view of the planet this morning.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good Evening

I have been very busy with NARFE business today. Just now quit to see Laurel when she gets home and check emails and view some FaceBook pages.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Warm Out

Sun Day Morning,
It is quiet. I do have a ringing in my ears;  I thought it was the electricity running through the house wires.
Yesterday we went to Paducah to see Eliana perform at a Gymnastic meet and here are some photos I took of her warming up. Her team is in the Blue, Silver and Black uniform.
Laurel has a video of her doing her floor exercise and Allison has her on FaceBook with all her Ribbons she won at the meet.

Great handstand Eliana

In sync with her teammate.

A Dusting of Snow

Good Morning,
We have a dusting of snow this morning and the temperature is about 30 degrees. That is warmer than we are used to and we may be in for a warming trend.

Laurel got me a bird suet post that the Amish made for Christmas, so Thursday I made a batch of lard, peanut butter, bird seeds and raisins mixed all together and filled the suet feeder. At first the starlings found it and then a Woodpecker came by the feeder.
I had a terrible time downloading this photo because I changed my modem to a newr model. Our old modem would knock me offline every awkward moment in time and that was becoming very annoying. AT&T sent us a new modem which I set up. But it had it's flaws as it did not warn me that some things needed to be updated and reentered, pasted and kissed ass-ed until they worked. Which was done last night.
Anyway this post is a days old.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Good Moring

Again it is very cold out this morning. 5 degrees out on our front stoop and a little warmer on the deck maybe 8 degrees there. The weatherman says 4 degrees in Marion and that will be updated at the top of the hour.
Knock on wood, we solved most of our winter problems 20 years ago. This home is small and easy to heat. We use natural gas. I have heard that propane gas is being limited. Most folks find that a little ridiculous. Remember the supply and demand games the oil companies played. I think they better leave the propane user alone in Western Kentucky. They will go back to coal if pressed. The coal companies will gladly make their coal useable for home heating.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Good Morning

It is 5 degrees outside this morning.
I think the sale of wood stoves is going up or maybe in our area a coal burning boiler  to make steam.

Good Morning

It is cold out and there is a trace of frozen snow on the ground. Mom has gone to work and I am getting my computer back in order after having to replace the operating system. The operating system was dragging and cumbersome. I back all my file a on a 2 terabyte external hard drive. I am about to get another 2 terabyte hard drive just to keep my wife's files happy. She is ready  for a New Desktop. She likes the desktop to play games on and the Kindle to read, play games and to keep me company. She can't keep me company with the desktop. She wants a touch screen desk top. Her old desktop are worn out and just limping from place to place.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Good Morning

We have blowing snow this morning. I have been out twice to retrieve my trash cans; they were blowing across the yard.
I think my keyboard is too full of cookies, spilled coffee and other debris. It is sticking, sliding off my lap and printing up sideways.

My FaceBook Page was compromised. I kept getting into Tomas Ali in India. So it will take 24 hours for me to log in again hopefully at my FaceBook page.

Monday, January 20, 2014


Sometimes folks are just dumb; like the idea of DirecTV posting nothing but ads overnight and then expecting us to pay their bill. If they get too idiotic then I will get TV antenna and rotor.
One stupid thing they did was remove the weather channel. I normally press the red button on my remote and get a general idea of what the weather is going to do in my home area; but DirecTV removed my area and it's link to the weather channel. How dumb is that. Should I call? No I will just stay pissed and write these stupid posts for the planet to see.

Good Morning

Lucie, Carol, Gene and Ron
A fun group to be around, nothing but crying out loud laughs.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" Tablet 64 GB: Silky and Smooth

Good Morning,
Mom's new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" Tablet with 64 GB arrived yesterday. I charged it, set up the WIFI then waited for mom to come home to see how it worked. At first we both got lost, then things came back but as a whole it is a fine machine. Great for reading and browsing. We signed her up on FaceBook and her Gmail, her Amazon account popped up as soon as I put the tablet on our home WIFI account.
What I found annoying was that the manual was on the machine and not online. Sometime you get lost and at those times  I fire up my smart phone or desktop and find the answer.
It is not a computing laptop, it is a reading device with apps, fantastic color and web browsing capabilities. There are game apps, writing apps, drawing apps plus the calc, calendar, contacts, camera and video as you would expect from a device.
I went over to view my blogs and they looked great. I will have to adjust my website to give it a better view on tablets. this tablet loves deep colors. I do not know what will happen when we get away from home and free WIFI?
I am not used to a touch screen and sometimes my touch did nothing and I waited or locked it up with inpatients. I do that with all computers so I will not blame this machine. 
It searches on the web like any Android device with a pop up keyboard. It has the Amazon Silk Browser.
The cover has not gotten here so we will not know how bulky it will be. Right now it is slick and slim, silky and smooth and very well made. It feels like glass that you can grip. It is very comfortable while sitting and swiping at the screen.
I guess like the iPad it will be difficult to compare other devices with it. It is a Kindle (a pretty fancy Kindle at that)  and an iPad is an iPad.
Mom loved it.


Friday, January 17, 2014

I make no apology

I make no apology to the world of starving children and parents, Moguls, entertainment mo-ghouls, dictatorships, kings and queens, theocracy's or any combination's of social anarchy for the way I live.

I live in a brick home; I have electricity in this home; I have natural gas in this home, I have water running to this home, I have a telephone wire that supplies two utilities telephone and the Internet; I have a satellite dish outside that supplies news and entertainment; I have a local government that patrols the neighborhood; I have a national army that protects me; I have a drone flying over to spot any mischief: I pay a utility or tax bill for some of these services.
Most of the time I am left alone in my solitude and in my carols of winter.
I normally do not say a prayer or am thankful for these gifts; I take them as they are; a normal function of our Democracy.

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Story

There is a story behind that table. The table came from my wife's sister Karen. 
When Laurel I first got married we got hand-me-downs which we still have (wood lasts a long time). We were blessed with some great stuff.
Anyway I was into refinishing furniture when I met Laurel but this piece at left had a border on it which made refinishing almost impossible so I decided to cover it. So I created an sloppy mess of torn jean (Levi's), pant leg and hip cut up in shapes to cover the top of the table at left. I slopped and layered all the jeans with clear wet acrylic and let it dry. I thought it was useful and functional and it did protect the wood. Laurel saw it and had a better idea so she embarked on the notion of doing Needle Point to cover the table. She went to the library and took out all the books on Needle Point and began to learn the craft. The table cover was all the patterns she learned.

Good Morning

Monday is a new day and I was reminded by my sister to be thankful and that my daughter reminded my sister.
Being thankful has come full circle.
I sometimes just look out the window in the quiet of morning or just watch the cats napping. We visited a friend yesterday and they have two dogs, one cat and a bird that they thoroughly enjoy the company of. It was an enjoyable visit.
I love life and I love it more when I hear or see in writing that other folks take the time to reflect and see the planet at their feet and give thanks to whomever or what.
I saw the other day that there is going to be a Jubilee in Murray in February.

Leviticus argues that the Jubilee existed because the land was the possession of Yahweh.
I have no clue what the modern man thinks what a jubilee is but I thought it was a celebration of some kind.

In my mind I see May Day and Dancing in the streets as in New Orleans or the Day of the Dead down South.
Anyway it is a nice day to be reminded.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good Morning

The Weather is wet but I think the rain has left Western Kentucky and is moving quickly east.
Mom is off today. 
It is quiet here this morning and we have partly cloudy skies outside. It will be warm and the warm rain up north will raise the ice out of the bottoms, the ice will start its melt and the winter ice that has sat in the bottoms will flow. Remember the folks were ice skating a few weeks ago (the ice is thick at least a foot thick). That flow will move south down toward the Ohio River.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Who Cares

Who Cares
With a bit a cynicism and sarcasm I say "Good Morning and Who Cares!"
I am pretty well sure that Congress voted that way before Christmas and New Years.
They had enough money to get online and wish me a "Merry Christmas" but they had no, "Good Morning and Who Cares" for the unemployed like my wife. Sure she works at Walmart but who cares.

 Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

Monday, January 6, 2014

Minus One Degree

Good Morning,
It is cold and we brought one male cat in; George is his name and he has been cut and he was the last one cut. He normally stays out but the bad weather is brutal this morning.
I think our temperature inside is about 68 degrees at the thermometer at left and -1 outside.
I am supposed to go to a meeting tonight but I think I going to stay home and stay out of the weather.
I worked in this weather at the Dam and I wonder why I was so tough.
The mail must go out no matter what and that was our feeling at the Dam (It never rained at the Dam).
Mom is home.
At Dam 50 we never shut down but the Towing industry just stopped and parked their fleet wherever they were. Fighting the cold was very expensive for them and it was cheaper just burning fuel to stay warm than it was to fight river cold and ice.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hey! What is the retirement age of a 71 year old grandma working at Walmart?

Mom's best bet is to get run over by a 16 year old grab assing in the store.

"One of the many beliefs of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Respect For The Individual, has been central to our success. One way Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. shows respect for the individual is through the many benefits offered to Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. associates."

The folks in Bentonville, Arkansas got to get their(!@#$) act together and help all the grandmas pay the rent.

For Some: It is back to work

Good Morning,
Those of you that have children are still in a Holy Day mood or mode as this is the second week of the Christmas Vacation. For me the Holidays are over as the Holy Days continue. There are some folks that worked the entire time and being off on their regular days was just business as usual. Christmas only meant we spent a lot of money on gifts to please people and celebrated the Holy Days while still working in extremely cold times. My wife has worked very hard this year and nothing has changed for her. Her store profited by paying her a low wage. The store profited by not giving her health benefits. The store profited by not giving her a retirement benefit and the store profited by you buying everything under the sun at her store. The store profited by demanding a low price and companies complied by using slave labor here and overseas. The store made the stock market rise and gave their stock holders their regular cut in wealth from the poor.
Our government is looking at bags of money that shines like the sun that Federal workers (that's me) saved in the last 100 years to pay for their pensions. That money is kept separate; but I can see congress just looking at that money with Scrooge Type Glee and rubbing their hands in anticipation of robbing us of our pension. The wheels are turning in their minds, how, how how can we get that money.
It is not fair for the country to be poor and the Federal Retirees do get paid for past work. We need the money now.

I asked my wife if she will get unemployment insurance if she leaves Walmart due too a lay off.
Her back hurts and it does not help being run over by a 16 year old "Grab Assing" in the Walmart Isles. One of the Managers said to my wife that would not have happened if he were on the job and not at home. Who was on the job?
Anyway what  is the retirement age of a grandma at Walmart?