Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" Tablet 64 GB: Silky and Smooth

Good Morning,
Mom's new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" Tablet with 64 GB arrived yesterday. I charged it, set up the WIFI then waited for mom to come home to see how it worked. At first we both got lost, then things came back but as a whole it is a fine machine. Great for reading and browsing. We signed her up on FaceBook and her Gmail, her Amazon account popped up as soon as I put the tablet on our home WIFI account.
What I found annoying was that the manual was on the machine and not online. Sometime you get lost and at those times  I fire up my smart phone or desktop and find the answer.
It is not a computing laptop, it is a reading device with apps, fantastic color and web browsing capabilities. There are game apps, writing apps, drawing apps plus the calc, calendar, contacts, camera and video as you would expect from a device.
I went over to view my blogs and they looked great. I will have to adjust my website to give it a better view on tablets. this tablet loves deep colors. I do not know what will happen when we get away from home and free WIFI?
I am not used to a touch screen and sometimes my touch did nothing and I waited or locked it up with inpatients. I do that with all computers so I will not blame this machine. 
It searches on the web like any Android device with a pop up keyboard. It has the Amazon Silk Browser.
The cover has not gotten here so we will not know how bulky it will be. Right now it is slick and slim, silky and smooth and very well made. It feels like glass that you can grip. It is very comfortable while sitting and swiping at the screen.
I guess like the iPad it will be difficult to compare other devices with it. It is a Kindle (a pretty fancy Kindle at that)  and an iPad is an iPad.
Mom loved it.



  1. glad mom got her kindle and you are getting everything set up

  2. Oh, Your blog looks exactly the same on my iPad as on my laptop, but slightly more condensed on my cell phone. Your blog looks nice on all.