Friday, January 17, 2014

I make no apology

I make no apology to the world of starving children and parents, Moguls, entertainment mo-ghouls, dictatorships, kings and queens, theocracy's or any combination's of social anarchy for the way I live.

I live in a brick home; I have electricity in this home; I have natural gas in this home, I have water running to this home, I have a telephone wire that supplies two utilities telephone and the Internet; I have a satellite dish outside that supplies news and entertainment; I have a local government that patrols the neighborhood; I have a national army that protects me; I have a drone flying over to spot any mischief: I pay a utility or tax bill for some of these services.
Most of the time I am left alone in my solitude and in my carols of winter.
I normally do not say a prayer or am thankful for these gifts; I take them as they are; a normal function of our Democracy.

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