Monday, January 13, 2014

A Story

There is a story behind that table. The table came from my wife's sister Karen. 
When Laurel I first got married we got hand-me-downs which we still have (wood lasts a long time). We were blessed with some great stuff.
Anyway I was into refinishing furniture when I met Laurel but this piece at left had a border on it which made refinishing almost impossible so I decided to cover it. So I created an sloppy mess of torn jean (Levi's), pant leg and hip cut up in shapes to cover the top of the table at left. I slopped and layered all the jeans with clear wet acrylic and let it dry. I thought it was useful and functional and it did protect the wood. Laurel saw it and had a better idea so she embarked on the notion of doing Needle Point to cover the table. She went to the library and took out all the books on Needle Point and began to learn the craft. The table cover was all the patterns she learned.

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