Monday, January 13, 2014

Good Morning

Monday is a new day and I was reminded by my sister to be thankful and that my daughter reminded my sister.
Being thankful has come full circle.
I sometimes just look out the window in the quiet of morning or just watch the cats napping. We visited a friend yesterday and they have two dogs, one cat and a bird that they thoroughly enjoy the company of. It was an enjoyable visit.
I love life and I love it more when I hear or see in writing that other folks take the time to reflect and see the planet at their feet and give thanks to whomever or what.
I saw the other day that there is going to be a Jubilee in Murray in February.

Leviticus argues that the Jubilee existed because the land was the possession of Yahweh.
I have no clue what the modern man thinks what a jubilee is but I thought it was a celebration of some kind.

In my mind I see May Day and Dancing in the streets as in New Orleans or the Day of the Dead down South.
Anyway it is a nice day to be reminded.


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  1. I have always been thankful for my family and for this beautiful earth in which I live. Jimmy has taught me to be thankful for each new day and especially for each and every birthday that I have. I once asked him why he was thankful for his birthdays and getting older and he said that it beats the alternative.....death.