Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Dusting of Snow

Good Morning,
We have a dusting of snow this morning and the temperature is about 30 degrees. That is warmer than we are used to and we may be in for a warming trend.

Laurel got me a bird suet post that the Amish made for Christmas, so Thursday I made a batch of lard, peanut butter, bird seeds and raisins mixed all together and filled the suet feeder. At first the starlings found it and then a Woodpecker came by the feeder.
I had a terrible time downloading this photo because I changed my modem to a newr model. Our old modem would knock me offline every awkward moment in time and that was becoming very annoying. AT&T sent us a new modem which I set up. But it had it's flaws as it did not warn me that some things needed to be updated and reentered, pasted and kissed ass-ed until they worked. Which was done last night.
Anyway this post is a days old.

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