Thursday, January 2, 2014

For Some: It is back to work

Good Morning,
Those of you that have children are still in a Holy Day mood or mode as this is the second week of the Christmas Vacation. For me the Holidays are over as the Holy Days continue. There are some folks that worked the entire time and being off on their regular days was just business as usual. Christmas only meant we spent a lot of money on gifts to please people and celebrated the Holy Days while still working in extremely cold times. My wife has worked very hard this year and nothing has changed for her. Her store profited by paying her a low wage. The store profited by not giving her health benefits. The store profited by not giving her a retirement benefit and the store profited by you buying everything under the sun at her store. The store profited by demanding a low price and companies complied by using slave labor here and overseas. The store made the stock market rise and gave their stock holders their regular cut in wealth from the poor.
Our government is looking at bags of money that shines like the sun that Federal workers (that's me) saved in the last 100 years to pay for their pensions. That money is kept separate; but I can see congress just looking at that money with Scrooge Type Glee and rubbing their hands in anticipation of robbing us of our pension. The wheels are turning in their minds, how, how how can we get that money.
It is not fair for the country to be poor and the Federal Retirees do get paid for past work. We need the money now.

I asked my wife if she will get unemployment insurance if she leaves Walmart due too a lay off.
Her back hurts and it does not help being run over by a 16 year old "Grab Assing" in the Walmart Isles. One of the Managers said to my wife that would not have happened if he were on the job and not at home. Who was on the job?
Anyway what  is the retirement age of a grandma at Walmart?

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