Monday, January 6, 2014

Minus One Degree

Good Morning,
It is cold and we brought one male cat in; George is his name and he has been cut and he was the last one cut. He normally stays out but the bad weather is brutal this morning.
I think our temperature inside is about 68 degrees at the thermometer at left and -1 outside.
I am supposed to go to a meeting tonight but I think I going to stay home and stay out of the weather.
I worked in this weather at the Dam and I wonder why I was so tough.
The mail must go out no matter what and that was our feeling at the Dam (It never rained at the Dam).
Mom is home.
At Dam 50 we never shut down but the Towing industry just stopped and parked their fleet wherever they were. Fighting the cold was very expensive for them and it was cheaper just burning fuel to stay warm than it was to fight river cold and ice.

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  1. I think staying home tonite is a good idea, dad. You guys probably got more snow and ice than we did, anyway. We got next to nothing here except cold.