Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good Morning,
It seems that if you live in areas subject to flooding there is a good chance that your area will be flooded. You cannot blame the government for that.
If I live in a path of a storm there is not much I can do but hope that the storm takes another path.
I feel good this morning and I have to make a decision about the pool. I spent a lot of cash maintaining the pool this year just to swim in it maybe a dozen times. It was built for exercise and pleasure. I personally feel guilty swimming in the pool when mom works during the day and I see that if the pool is to function correctly then I have to go into the pool when mom is at work. Otherwise the pool comes down.
I feel good and my back seems to function normally as do my ribs. 
Age has caught up to me and I find it impossible to maintain anything. All equipment that runs on gasoline has to be drained or run dry otherwise the carburetors get too gummy. It seems to be worse in this day and age when you run machines on corn and gas. This morning I have to go out and run one or two machines dry.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Morning,
We have plenty of sun this morning. The temperature is in the 80's.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Morning,
I am sleepy and tired. I trimmed our scrubs and ran my cable to my computer yesterday.
Mentally I am fine.
It seems we have as many as 12 Hummingbirds feeding in swirls of flight; it is just too much movement to count them.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Morning,
Today I cut scrubs that have gotten out of hand and if it rains then I will lay a cable or my laptop as my WIFI is intermittent and I keep getting kicked off.
I spent the day yesterday relaxing and washing my clothes. I meant to watch NASCAR but I missed it as it was on a day earlier than I had thought. No big deal.
It was cloudy all day yesterday and I think it will be that way today. I was hoping for some sunshine to heat the pool.
Mom is off today, she slept most of the day yesterday and got up in the middle of the night and went online.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I had a very nice birthday pool party and I went fishing with Little Brother, His Mom Kitten Yarn, His Dad Long Haired Daddy and his sister Little Sister. I spent quite a while baiting hooks while everyone else got stuck in the mud. It was amazing experience of patience and fun.
The fishing story is Little Brother and I were in a department store and he saw the fishing poles and asked me to take him fishing the last time I was visiting them in Murray. So for my birthday I got a fishing license and took him fishing. We did not catch any fish but he learned how to cast a line out into the water. We have a photo of him and Little sister practicing in the yard yesterday.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Good morning,
I feel good this morning, Mom is off today and we will relax.
The pool is heating up slowly and I will be in it later today or tomorrow.
The hummingbirds are fattening up as they move south. They have been swarming around the feeders.
I may have waited too long for the birds without any food in the feeders because they have not returned. The Hummingbirds came back.
Today is my 71 st birthday on this planet called earth even though my existence has been here from the start as is all that is; we just evolve and grow and diminish as matter.
Pictured is our last swimming party.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Today White Men are Republican.

Why were the middle class white man democrats in the 1950's?
History will tell you the New Deal of President Franklin D. Roosevelt did help all men and women work for a living instead of living on welfare.

Mothers on the planet earth you decide.

Mothers on the planet earth you decide. Let you and your doctor decide the fate of your unborn not our elected officials in Washington. Everyone understands about how precious life is in your body and it is a personal thing, not a vote conceived in church, in congress, in your community, shown propaganda or gossip.
Mothers on the planet earth you decide.

Do We All Hear Racial Slurs?

Do We All Hear Racial Slurs as I did. Tell us when was the first time you heard one and was it toward you?
I first heard my first racial slur while riding my bike to the 8th grade in Temple City, California. Someone yelled at me and said, "Why don't you go back from where you came from you dirty Mexican!" I had grown up in Pasadena California and had never heard anything like this. It was a bitter blast to my brain and really hurt me inside. I never saw who yelled at me as I kept on riding my bike to school.
Latter on, on another day a year or two later while visiting a friend with my brother I heard our friends father say that, "Those Niggers ought to go back to Africa!" referring to the early rock and roll singers of 1956-57. That surprised me as I knew our friends dad as a very nice man.

Mitt Romney: “I was too important to go to Vietnam”

Happy Birthday Megan

Monday, August 20, 2012

National Active and Retired Federal Employees in Western Kentucky will have their annual Fall Roundup.
All active or retired Federal Employees are welcome to attend. Just send me an email (message). If you wish to attend so they can make the correct seating arrangement (place setting).
I have not been in the pool lately because of rain and cool weather. The pool temperature was about 80 degrees yesterday and it has warmed up from the mid 70's. I had taken down the heater for maintenance and the pool did reflect the difference in temperature going to extremes on me and not being consistent which the heater helped to do.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Understanding Rep. Ryan's Plan For Medicare

The Ryan - Romney team wants to end Medicare and replace it with a check to my health Care provider which is Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield gets $10,000 dollars of my money every year to pay for my wife's and my health Care.
I pay Medicare over $1,000 dollars every year for my health care.
My wife also pays Medicare about $1,000 dollars every year for her health care.
The Ryan -Romney budget wants to end all that and give me $8,500 for all my health care.
The Ryan -Romney budget wants to end all that and give my wife $8,500 for all her health care.

At the moment Medicare gets about $2,000 from us.
Blue Cross gets about $10,000 from us.
That is about $12,000 for our health care.

The Ryan - Romney plan will pay $17,000 for our health care.

For a Federal savings of (-$5,000).

And a $5,000 bonus for Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
 Understanding Rep. Ryan's Plan For Medicare

As the link above states I may only get $400 dollars a month and that would scare us pretty bad and leave us cold and wet on an iceberg of financial despair.

Are you angry because you do not have a chance at even getting the deal I got by working hard for the federal government.
Well the end came when Ronald Reagan decided that there was too much federal government and too many unions keeping the money and not letting the employers hold all the money instead.  Well since then the unions have just about gone with all the propaganda saying they were a bunch of crooks. Now that the unions are gone so is the 40 hour week with benefits. So the best we can do is have two part time jobs (and be happy that you at least have a job). Which is just like the plantation owners like. So now instead of having all the blacks working as slaves you have the whole country on their knees being thankful to even work. 
The black president wanted to at least build a pyramid but no we will just wait for a white president to build the pyramids.
Moses is dead so don't cry about, " Letting my people go!"

They wasted my monies on war.

I used o work like a mule, putting in 8 hours of work and rarely stopping. Now age has stopped the muscle and stamina and only left the brain to ponder my existence. Now the government with their logical mind wants me to live off my dreams and not pay the pension I buried in my future. They wasted my monies on war.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cal Tjader Quintet

Analog recordings on long playing records were of very high quality in sound when the record was not scratched which they did with wear. This recording is Momo.

This next recording  by Cal Tjader is Stereo and is best hear with ear buds.

I found this last album (below) in La Puente in the closet as we were moving into our new home on Fieldgate.

We also found this aluminum plaque very similar to this:

Friday, August 17, 2012

In 2009 Western Kentucky had a terrible Ice Storm and just last month the Tree Trimming crews with their Cherry Pickers and Tree Limb Shredders just left our county where they had been working non-stop since 2009.
They were contracted to remove the extreme dangers (hanging limbs) from our wooded areas.
Ayn Rand is noteworthy for her atheism and uncompromising opposition to religion and Paul Ryan worships her.
last night was terrible with earth shattering thunder and lighting. Rain pounding our home was almost too much for the senses. I looked out this morning and nothing was damaged or moved by the storms. It was as if the skies were scrubbed like laundry for 4 hours with lightning bolts, thunder and heavy rain.
It was a lesson in earth shattering cleansing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hummingbirds This Past Week

We have 3 feeders like these and we have been filling them up every night for the Hummingbirds. I filled them up this morning and mom just filled 2 of them up just a few minutes ago. Each one holds about 1 cup of nectar.
We also have a quart feeder like the one below but I only put in 3 cups at a time in it.
I belong to the American Legion and to a Navy Newsletter that writes about the ship I was on for 3 months during Operation Dominic.
They the newsletter always ask members of the newsletter to write them about what happened on the ship while we were on it. Some folks were on the ship during World War II and some folks were on the ship at other times until it was decommissioned (sent to mothballs).
They (the newsletter this month) asked us for a feeling of sad or lonely times we were on the ship?
I for one did not remember any lonely or sad time.
Well there is one time on a different ship that things got out of hand while working in the scullery. We banged garbage off of those stainless steel trays into 55 gallon trash cans under a stainless steel table with large holes in it. We then rinsed them, then we placed them into a steamer for sterilization along with the stainless steel silverware.
 Refueling at sea
One of the members of the scullery said that he was in charge of the scullery so we called him, "Our Scullery Captain" for a few days until he did not show up. We were out at sea on our voyage to Hawaii from Long Beach. As it turned out one day while refueling we also send people home and transfer them onto the refueling ship. We spotted our friend from the scullery in a strait jacket being sent across those ships lines on a bosun's chair (in the middle of the photo below).

A bosun's chair.
Now that is sad but I really do not want to send that to the ships newsletter as it was not that ship. We felt responsible but we realized that we were not as we were never asked what happened. So it was cumulative on his part just being out at sea.

A different story about the same scullery

One day in the scullery while the crew was eating a tasty lunch of barbecued chicken with a lots of barbecue sauce  a Navy Second Class Seaman came by the scullery very upset. It seems that he had left his upper partial (dental) on the stainless steel tray while turning it in at the scullery (we never noticed (Too Much Barbecued Chicken and Sauce)).
Well we had to (after Lunch) turn each 55 gallon drum upside down in the scullery and hand pick each piece of chicken and after the third drum 55 gallon drum had been turned over he found his partial (not a scratch) and was very happy to see it before the chicken to was sent aft to feed the flying seagulls at the rear of the ship.

Time for Tea
The Tea Spot put my recipe on their blog!! Scroll down to the box with the iced matcha latte.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Up Shit's Creek Without A Paddle

That is the situation I am in; This is normal for me as it is for over 50 million people in the United States. Most folks are worse off than I am. At least I have some income coming in as I am retired from the United States Federal Government. That income may end soon but for now I am mentally in good shape.
Yesterday we paid off our mortgage and this morning I have to borrow money to keep someone from taking our home, now that is up shitscreek without a paddle.
I find it comforting that I am deep shit but know deep in my heart that it is not a mental problem but a self imposed benefit of over extension. I was in self imposed poverty when I dropped out in 1967 so I know that there is really no problem other than a self inflicted wound which in my mind does no damage.
So each day is a blessing and are quite far out.

Monday, August 13, 2012

I am perfectly incapable of just seeing the planet earth from my particular point of view from my two eyes. I see through a electronic box.

I was going to mow the lawn but it is raining very hard outside thunder and lighting and plenty of rain.
I think I will clean the kitchen floor then clean my desktop computer (vacuum inside it).

I just finished swabbing the kitchen floor and it is still thundering and raining.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I really wanted to be mixed up with overwhelming emotions

I really wanted to be mixed up with overwhelming emotions but I saw the day, it is a blue sky morning, humming birds are swarming and the trees are a dark in shadow deep rich wet green, dew is on the ground, our grasses need mowing. It seems that humidity should rise but the earth is a cool 59 degrees so everything is hungry for the moisture.
I overate yesterday, mom made a deep dish peach pie and I had two helpings.
With the cover on it the pool is 82 degrees on the top and 84 on the bottom.
Mom went to work today.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Olympic Vault

Some portions of the Olympics has gotten completely out of hand. Some of the things I saw were very dangerous and I did not enjoy watching people get hurt flipping their bodies. Now if they landed in four foot of water then maybe things would be fine.
My favorite new Olympics event would be ladies and men's running vault into a deep pool. I would feel much more comfortable watching them land into a 4 foot pool with a soft bottom.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Using the computer for entirely personal reasons.
Not worrying about society and the ability of society to use propaganda to push the mind into little slots. Language is the only tool I can use safely as well as all the utilities available to me (water, gas, electricity, roads, gas stations and stores). Did you notice how quickly I was dependent on other human beings on the planet. I tried to isolate my being but could not without walking into the forest without clothing or tools such as a gun, knife or hatchet.
This computer is dependent on other human beings.
Society is part of our everyday livelihood on this planet we call earth.

Photo of the planet Mars

Going Wet

That means selling alcohol; I grew up where you stepped over drunks, sat on drunk laps as a child or were asked for a dime on street corners.
Mom says yes we need the revenue in our county and I say no to children sitting on drunk laps that say, "Were you a good boy today?"

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sometimes thought just simmer; when they do I place the though online or in my notes. The thought below has been on my mind for at least a week now.
I understand that the bible was written to make life for the children of god a better place but sometimes old great thoughts are just wrong as we age and understand our life on this blue planet called earth.
I feel good this morning and plan to swim and clear some weeds from the garden today. It is cool and damp this morning.

Genesis 1:26

Sometimes the Bible is wrong as it clearly in Genesis 1:26. The Europeans and then the New World clearly did not see any creature coming from Africa as a Human Being.
Time as taught us that we were wrong.
We called American Indians "Savages" and did not respect their word and moved forward across the Americas with a sword.
Jesus as a Jewish boy would be clearly persecuted in today's south and would not be given any other employment other than a Walmart lessor job.
In 2012 very few people in today's south have any respect for our black president who clearly is a great human being; they hide under the cloak of hm being democratic and not Republican; I see the racist in that thought as he has tried very hard to compromise and that is not going to happen until he is gone.
The President is very diplomatic and good what will he say when his time is up?
I will ask him not to be bitter; Sometimes the Bible is wrong as it clearly in Genesis 1:26. The Europeans and then the New World clearly did not see any creature coming from Africa as a Human Being.

Monday, August 6, 2012

From Diane Sawyer

THINK ABOUT THIS: If 200 million Americans refuse to buy just $20 each of Chinese goods, that's a billion dollar trade imbalance resolved in our!
I was out mowing when a friend stopped by to clear some photos off his memory stick.
I am going to have some breakfast before going out and finishing up on the grasses and weeds.
I feel good this morning but my eyes seem to cloud up during the night. Washing my face clears it up then I am OK (old age).
I finished mowing now I work in the garden.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Dancer Girl

Laurel Rose

Laurel Rose is excellent in Public Relation and where she works has been voted the friendliest Walmart in the area.
I proposed to her to have a space at the center of the store where she alone handles the customer calls and have 3 (three) college graduates work for her in running down prices and availabilities so that they can learn Public Relations and where everything in the store is; at the end of one year they could be promoted to other stores.
Everywhere Laurel Rose has been has been successful.

Friday, August 3, 2012

I bought a new PC USB Wireless Adapter for my laptop. The laptop was throwing me offline every 10 seconds even though I was online. So far so good for my Netgear N150 Wireless Adapter.

I have been working on the pool today.

Laurel Rose made over 9 quarts of tomato sauce today and our freezer has about 20 quarts in it.  We love the sauce with either pizza and/or spaghetti.
I picked 2 buckets of tomatoes today, plus we had some ripening on the table.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

40 Years

Good Morning,
It is still dark outside it is close to 0530 as I write this post. I did not drink any coffee yesterday I drank decaffeinated coffee and I am free of any hangover this morning. 
I did clean the pool yesterday and mom got her water bill and she complained about it. The high temperature draws the water out of the pool (it was over 100 degrees at our home outside yesterday) which is normal evaporation and good for the environment.
 Any one in any community should have a pool as well as burying all vegetable matter as in lawn clippings, twigs and limbs, leaves and vegetable waste/scraps. Meat scraps should be dog and bear free as in a professional services. Burying vegetable matter creates mulch which holds moisture in or under ground.
In 1972 this land where I reside at was taken away and not replenished. This land where this home is was built on the clay above a spring after the topsoil was taken to raise the level of the area that our hospital was being built on. It has taken me all these forty years to replenish the area with garden wastes from elsewhere and here. When I could I bought matter that worms loved; I also had to buy the worms since ours were moved to the hospital area.
Our tomato yield this year was phenomenal for the eight plants I bought and the three that came up as volunteers.
 One of our latest mulch/compost piles (2000-2008).
Our pool is on the first and under the Hackberry tree is the second plus
 tons of store bought mulch out in front of the house.
We can't afford the pleasure of buying mulch anymore.
We also bought bales and bales of straw for the garden as well as
 bags and bags of cottonseed hulls for the worms.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eating Peanut Butter

We are wired via satellite, battery and electricity. Just about everyone on the planet has access to a cell or smart phone. The United States lags behind because the monopolies have plenty of money coming in and they are afraid that change will leave them behind as what happened to the newspaper industry.
Eating Peanut Butter
We are wealthy enough to store peanut butter and dry pinto beans for hard times and this month it has been bare but as I said we had stored peanut butter and crackers and dried pinto beans for hard times.
It is amazing that I have money to feed birds, cats and swimming paraphernalia but come the end of the month our cupboard is bare.
We are wealthy with high definition satellite and WiFi but we are dipping behind the times as if mom quits her job we go back to basics.
These are the signs of the times. We are better off than most folks in Kentucky.
In January 1,000,000 more folks will be walking the streets without jobs. Those that can retire will be like me living from paycheck to paycheck but still be wired with WiFi, satellite, battery and electricity.