Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mowing Tomorrow

Good Afternoon,
We have been home for a while now; we spent the better part of the day in Paducah. I saw my eye doctor to see if I needed glasses and he said my eyes were fine and I did not need glasses. He also said I could use my old glasses to view the Internet and read if needed, it would not hurt.
I am sure I will mow tomorrow before the storm gets here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


My friend and me were out on the lake in a rented boat fishing and we were catching our limit of fish. When we got read to leave and while I was pulling up the anchor my friend fished into his tackle box, got a magic marker and put a big X on the side of the boat. I asked "What are you doing?" He said he was marking the spot where we caught our limit. I said "That won't work!" and he said "Why?" And I said "Because the next time we come out here we may not get the same boat!"

It is Raining Outside

Good Morning,
Our Internet is out this morning; our electric system is working so I am using my computer word processor to write this post. I went in the bedroom (computer room) and rebooted the modem and the service came back on.
It is raining outside this morning and I looked at the RADAR and it is raining from southern IL to the TN border.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Do I Need Glasses?

Good Morning,
I am kind of hung over by the caffeine I consume on a daily basis. I seem to be at a loss for words; I will soon have a prescription for glasses that will help me read clearly. At the moment I am not using my glasses to type this post. As this month progressed after my surgery I try not to wear glasses unless I am reading or surfing the Internet. The eye doctor said my vision would improve and I believe him. I will not get any bifocal on any glasses since any improvement will help me read just about any print. I do not know which eye I see better out of because they change all the time.
When I write blogs I use larger fonts because my friend Wally asked me when I first created the web sites to make them bigger because he was having a reading problem.
Wally above when he asked me to make the font bigger. 

Ramon top left, I am below Ramon's left shoulder and Wally is below me with his arms around his knees. Cindy is center bottom looking at Pam Lower right. Joanie is between the two. My teeth were a mess so I was always hiding from cameras.
Ramon wrote "Home Free Home"  , Pam wrote "The Morningstar Chronicles" and Tomas wrote "Two Communes".

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Good Evening,
I have been just sitting and writing or editing. Mom is back at the computer and I had football (Rams and Steelers) on the TV after lunch.
NASA is going to prove that water does flow at present on the planet Mars. 10:30 AM Central Time (NASA Channel)

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Good Morning,
Today I will get the deck ready for fall and winter (a warm place for George our male cat). I will move the table next to the house and try to cover it if I can (that may have to wait). I rearranged and put things away yesterday. So today I will put the umbrella away and move the table; the pool is ready for winter. Garden hoses need to be rolled up and hung in the garage or shed.
The back ache is back and so is the needles in my right leg (that needle in the right leg has been a fixture in my life for about five years now); it went away when the eye doctor said no bending or lifting for a month during my cataract surgeries.
 It is hard not going to Amazon and checking on the books; I want any monies there to stay in my account for future needs. I have a feeling that nothing is going to happen there. I have thought about that and that is OK as I will give the rights to my daughter for any thing published in my name.

Friday, September 25, 2015


I was just putting drops into my eyes to cleanse them when I remember the strangest thing I ever did see; I have a habit on focusing on the floating debris in my eyes but one strange day I saw a mite swimming in the fluids across my view; it was only once and I had forgotten it but it really happened. Mites eat dead skin.

The Pope is Nice

Good Morning,
I got to watch the Pope and it was nice; the poor man is not going to get any rest here in the United States.
6:30 AM
My latest thought is a computer mouse that works with a computer. First you, the computer and the mouse get together. In other words you grasp the mouse (like most folks do) and the computer reads your hand and the computer will not work (the Internet to this particular computer will not see the computer) unless this particular hand uses this computer. It does not matter how you use the mouse or hold it; the mouse and computer know you. In general this would not be good for every day folks; this would only be good for sensitive personal computers. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Roundup

Good Morning,
We are mentally getting ready for the Fall Roundup. This year it will be held in Hopkinsville, KY.: Miss Scarlett's is closed at the moment, we may later make inquiries if it opens back up.
We had a full day yesterday as we traveled to Nashville, TN. It was exhausting for me just waiting; it may and I think so for mom too. She does not like me talking for or about her. I did a little after coming home but mostly we watched the Pope on TV. He has a smile that lifts ones mind to a nice level.
10:50 AM
Drained the levels of water in the pool, pump and sand filter; Plugged all the outlets to keep the varmints and bugs out of the water lines (these holes are a comfortable winters nest). I have some more to do but at the moment I am resting.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Screen Shot

Good Morning,
I cannot think of a thing to say this morning; the phone I have here has everything you need at the moment but does not have the old letters that Tom wrote. Do I have to photograph my phone everyday?I did not know how to do it so I downloaded an app for the occasion; I also turned on my flashlight; so I had to figure out how to turn it off Shake the phone for a flash light then down sweep the screen and look at your messages and it will say turn off flashlight click here, I did turn it off.
We just got back from Nashville, TN. Mom had an appointment at the Vanderbilt Center for Women's Health.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Angels all around Us

Good Morning,
I am feeling good whether my body feels good or not. My mind is best suited for the moment. I am listening to Santana and I posted a nice photo muse.
My muse pages are sometimes very good.I was working on another post when I realized some of my muse looks better online than in a book.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Dancer Girl

Good Morning,
Normally when I want something to come to mind I just start writing and whatever is on my mind flows out; sometimes I get a thought in bed and then I sit up get dressed and come to the computer and write what came to the forefront of thought. Some thoughts need to be written: sometimes they are profound as in the way we treat war in this time manufactured wars to keep industrial machines moving for profit.
I feel good today; yesterday we watched with Allison and family, "The Murray High School Tiger Band" video of their competition at:"Festival of Champions 2015".  Saturday at Murray State Football Stadium; Dancer Girl is in the band on the field.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Good Evening,
My daughter and family came by and helped me put the winter cover on the pool. It is so simple with all that help. I used to do it by my self and it was touch and go whether I got it right or I had to start over. I feel good today but last night was slightly uncomfortable with my stomach. I only took one medicine today to find out what is causing a problem. I will know later tonight if that helped.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Another Book; the barker in the carnival.

Good Morning,
It looks as FaceBook is the place to be or even not online at all. I feel good this morning. Yesterday I finished cleaning the pool for winter; all that is left to do with the pool is the winter cover and the final analysis and winter chemicals.
 I also published, "Tomas Stories" and that should do it for a while; it is not up online yet it is being reviewed at the moment. I will continue to write.
At the moment I am waiting for the kitchen floor to dry as I just finished mopping it clean.
As I was saying everyone has abandon their blog posts. There are just a few of us left that still posts in our family. I am sure that Diane has a lot to say but is being polite and not in the mood to embarrass everyone around her; then again I am sure she has all her notes stashed away being ready for the final judgement. I just do not have that kind of ego. I want to be the barker in the carnival. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Closing the Pool for Winter

Good Morning,
I did mow yesterday and the yard looks nice. I feel good this morning. I have been working on a book, a semi-autobiographical book. We still need more mulch and that may happen this next pay period if it still available. I think mulch will be part of our budget since I do not like weeding. I am cleaning the pool today; most of it is done and the pool looks good. I still need to take a sample to Lee pools but that cane be done after the pool cover is on for the winter. I do not need the bags anymore since the new system I use works well in high winds.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Old Kuttawa Recreation Area

Good Morning,
I burned my brush pile yesterday. I stayed with it until noon when it was down to just ash. It was not a huge pile but one that was about two foot tall with big pieces of wood and just brush. I think I will mow today.
I feel good this morning and mom took the day off yesterday. We had gone to Old Kuttawa Recreation Area Tuesday to take pictures and see the Outdoor Pavilion.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Books at Amazon

I updated all the books below/at right. The spelling is fine; Natasha's Coloring Book is big enough to download to your computer. Spelling is about as good as I do; it seems correct. Pricing has come down per request from Amazon.
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French muser to gape, idle, muse, from muse mouth of an animal,
from Medieval Latin musus Date: 14th century
1: to become absorbed in thought; especially : to turn something over
in the mind meditatively and often inconclusively
2 archaic : WONDER, MARVEL transitive senses : to think or say

Stray Tom

We have a new young Tom Cat coming around to eat. It is gray striped, young, handsome and healthy. We are not sure if it belongs to anyone. I showed mom the cat yesterday morning.

Muse and First Aid

Good Morning,
I spent the day yesterday placing the second half of muse online (2 muse 1 coloring book). I made some mistake and will update the book in a couple of days (I replaced "some" with "folk" accidentally). That is a silly mistake. It is fixed offline just waiting the two days. I also lowered the price per recommendation of Amazon. I replaced the coloring book with a better display.
I feel good this morning but mom is not feeling good. Mom canceled a dental appointment she was to have today.
Today I will go out and pull weeds and then clean the pool from outside via a step ladder (something I do every spring). The Pool First Aid  I use will help this winter.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Open House

Good Morning,
Mom and I went to "OPEN HOUSE CRITTENDEN COUNTY COUNSELING SERVICES" here in town. The Counseling Service is part of what the Drug Coalition here in our community supports. Mom and represented the Web Site and took photos and gathered a flyer to post on the website. After that we went and had lunch and then went to the store for some groceries.
Before we went to the open house I weed-eated around the air conditioner. I plan to burn some limbs today.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Tomas Muse at Amazon

God Morning,
I am up early and I have two eBooks at Amazon one is Tomas Muse 'n Stories and the second is Natasha's Coloring Book. I am not sure how the coloring book came out I will check in a minute or so. On the coloring book you just save an image to your computer and print it out. I only loaded half of the Muse as the book was getting to me. I will e Publish the second half of muse some other time. There is some serious mistakes but I think I can work them out. They have something to do as to who wrote these books; one says Laurel wrote one and the other says Natasha. There are ways to change that stuff but I have no clue at the moment. Either way I get paid for any sale.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

More Talk

Good Morning,
I feel good even though my stomach feels like it wobbles a bit. We went to Clarksville TN for a doctor appointment for mom (her back). There was a lot of talk and it may involve another operation. Just talk at present.
Mom is home now.
I just now weed-eated the area by the trap door that goes under the house. It was thick so I need to rake it, then weed eat it again, plus doing the area around the air conditioner. I am also going to burn my brush pile; I am tired of moving it from place to place. The idea of moving it was to feed the animals underground with the brush pile (they love decaying wood). Decaying wood makes great soil.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Good Morning,
I spent the day resting; mom and Allison spent the day cleaning house and scrubbing walls. We were surprised when Allison said she was coming over to help us out. The way we feel sometimes it is a pleasure having her over. We did get to relax and play UNO for a bit.
Mom wants to mulch to the green line in the photo below. I think it would make our mowing easier. We could do the same around our home and bushes.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My Red Truck

I knew I had pictures of my red truck somewhere and I had a hard time finding the photos of the truck. I thought they were here on this blog but I had none here. So I am posting them now so when I want a photo of my red truck it will be easy to find. I tried to sell the truck when we were having a hard time but everyone was wanting me to sell it for nothing so I decided it is worth more to me by just keeping it. I love the truck.

Red Truck

Kitten and Mulch

Good Morning,
I taught mom the basics of riding the lawn tractor; (this is something she enjoys doing) so that she could move the wagon along while I lifted the bags of mulch from the van to the wagon and then to the side of the house. When I had finished and parked the wagon she asked me where the switch is to start the mower deck. I was beat from manhandling the heavy bags so she decided to mow the lawn (it did not need mowing) she just wanted to do it anyway.
Johnny plays hard and is learning to not scratch us. He jumped off the towel rack onto to mom and scratch her up pretty good plus he is attacking us from hiding places; he is just learning to be a cat.
Above we have some horizontal lines, cupboard, kitten, paper plates and table.


Monday, September 7, 2015

Sunday, September 6, 2015

September Mulch

Good Morning,
Here are some photos of the mulch Mom and I put down; Mom drove the lawn tractor and I manhandled the black bags of mulch.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

2 Week Rest

Good Morning,
I feel good this morning after picking up my grass clippings yesterday; the day before I had to fix my grass catcher when it fell apart; it worked fine yesterday. I put all the grass clippings next to the deck near the faucet. Today I will mulch on the west side of our home and then go from there if I need more mulch.
I have been getting my Muse ready for a e-Book on Amazon. I may not edit it but I may give it a Table of Content. I still feel good this morning.
Mom helped me mulch the west side of the house; we need more mulch to finish up the job on the west side and then the rear of the house by the crawl space entrance.
Johnny decided that a good place to sleep was on the paper plates.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Anticoagulant; I am not sure?

Good Morning,
Last night as I was getting for bed I reach into my drawer in the bathroom looking for a denture cleaner tablet and I cut my left index finger on a razor. What I cut was the end of my finger and it did not want to stop bleeding. I normally stop bleeding at will as my body heals quickly. I guess there is something I have taken in the last month that makes me heal slower and may have an anticoagulant in the medicine.
I threw the razor away in anger and I will clean out that drawer this morning. I put three bandages on the cut to force it to stop by just overwhelming the area with tape.
Today I will go out and pick up grass clippings as yesterday my grass catcher lost a bolt (it rusted away) so I put a new bolt in the area. Everything looks good so I will continue where I left off.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A 16-point compass rose

Faucet and Bald Cypress

Good Morning,
Well I mowed yesterday and today I will pickup my grass clippings. I have two places to place them and I think I have enough to do that. I may also weed eat around the faucet. I have no soreness from mowing; the time resting (two weeks) did some good. I did unload the van of  8 bags of black mulch. I will get 8 more bags in a week or so.

It is hard to mow and weed eat under that Bald Cypress so I will place some grass clipping there. I bought those glasses at home depot in the tools area and they are great and very comfortable.
Mom said she has been up since 0130.
I just now tied up our tomato plant up near our front door stoop; it was getting wild and it now looks like a ball of twine. I washed my hands and the tomato green color was washed from my hands. The next chore will be to weed eat by the faucet and then the side of the house facing West (Murray is South-southwest (SSW) from our home).
I am done weed eating the sections I wanted to weed eat. The faucet area is ready for grass mulch and the west side of our home is ready for the black mulch. This afternoon (after lunch), I will go out and pick up grass clippings.
Tomorrow I may spread black mulch on the west side of our home.