Saturday, September 19, 2015

Another Book; the barker in the carnival.

Good Morning,
It looks as FaceBook is the place to be or even not online at all. I feel good this morning. Yesterday I finished cleaning the pool for winter; all that is left to do with the pool is the winter cover and the final analysis and winter chemicals.
 I also published, "Tomas Stories" and that should do it for a while; it is not up online yet it is being reviewed at the moment. I will continue to write.
At the moment I am waiting for the kitchen floor to dry as I just finished mopping it clean.
As I was saying everyone has abandon their blog posts. There are just a few of us left that still posts in our family. I am sure that Diane has a lot to say but is being polite and not in the mood to embarrass everyone around her; then again I am sure she has all her notes stashed away being ready for the final judgement. I just do not have that kind of ego. I want to be the barker in the carnival. 

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