Saturday, September 26, 2015


Good Morning,
Today I will get the deck ready for fall and winter (a warm place for George our male cat). I will move the table next to the house and try to cover it if I can (that may have to wait). I rearranged and put things away yesterday. So today I will put the umbrella away and move the table; the pool is ready for winter. Garden hoses need to be rolled up and hung in the garage or shed.
The back ache is back and so is the needles in my right leg (that needle in the right leg has been a fixture in my life for about five years now); it went away when the eye doctor said no bending or lifting for a month during my cataract surgeries.
 It is hard not going to Amazon and checking on the books; I want any monies there to stay in my account for future needs. I have a feeling that nothing is going to happen there. I have thought about that and that is OK as I will give the rights to my daughter for any thing published in my name.

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