Thursday, September 3, 2015

Faucet and Bald Cypress

Good Morning,
Well I mowed yesterday and today I will pickup my grass clippings. I have two places to place them and I think I have enough to do that. I may also weed eat around the faucet. I have no soreness from mowing; the time resting (two weeks) did some good. I did unload the van of  8 bags of black mulch. I will get 8 more bags in a week or so.

It is hard to mow and weed eat under that Bald Cypress so I will place some grass clipping there. I bought those glasses at home depot in the tools area and they are great and very comfortable.
Mom said she has been up since 0130.
I just now tied up our tomato plant up near our front door stoop; it was getting wild and it now looks like a ball of twine. I washed my hands and the tomato green color was washed from my hands. The next chore will be to weed eat by the faucet and then the side of the house facing West (Murray is South-southwest (SSW) from our home).
I am done weed eating the sections I wanted to weed eat. The faucet area is ready for grass mulch and the west side of our home is ready for the black mulch. This afternoon (after lunch), I will go out and pick up grass clippings.
Tomorrow I may spread black mulch on the west side of our home.

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