Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Good Morning,
I wear my glasses to write on this computer and read; but for everything else I do not need to wear them.
I am going to mow today. We did not finish our shopping yesterday as mom got tired out and was in terrible pain from sitting at the doctors office. I still need to get some black mulch from Walmart. It is a dollar cheaper per bag for the same product I get here in town from True Value. At True Value it is $75.00 for 15 bags and at Walmart it is $50.00 for the same 15 bags.
We just got back from Walmart where I bought 8 bags of black mulch. I may go back at some other time and get 8 more. I am going out to mow in a few minutes. Mom bought some barbecue and that is what we just had for lunch. I did not wear my glasses today. I used them only for computing and reading. I bought some twine for the tomato plant up front as it is getting out of hand.

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