Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall Roundup

Good Morning,
We are mentally getting ready for the Fall Roundup. This year it will be held in Hopkinsville, KY.: Miss Scarlett's is closed at the moment, we may later make inquiries if it opens back up.
We had a full day yesterday as we traveled to Nashville, TN. It was exhausting for me just waiting; it may and I think so for mom too. She does not like me talking for or about her. I did a little after coming home but mostly we watched the Pope on TV. He has a smile that lifts ones mind to a nice level.
10:50 AM
Drained the levels of water in the pool, pump and sand filter; Plugged all the outlets to keep the varmints and bugs out of the water lines (these holes are a comfortable winters nest). I have some more to do but at the moment I am resting.

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