Monday, September 28, 2015

Do I Need Glasses?

Good Morning,
I am kind of hung over by the caffeine I consume on a daily basis. I seem to be at a loss for words; I will soon have a prescription for glasses that will help me read clearly. At the moment I am not using my glasses to type this post. As this month progressed after my surgery I try not to wear glasses unless I am reading or surfing the Internet. The eye doctor said my vision would improve and I believe him. I will not get any bifocal on any glasses since any improvement will help me read just about any print. I do not know which eye I see better out of because they change all the time.
When I write blogs I use larger fonts because my friend Wally asked me when I first created the web sites to make them bigger because he was having a reading problem.
Wally above when he asked me to make the font bigger. 

Ramon top left, I am below Ramon's left shoulder and Wally is below me with his arms around his knees. Cindy is center bottom looking at Pam Lower right. Joanie is between the two. My teeth were a mess so I was always hiding from cameras.
Ramon wrote "Home Free Home"  , Pam wrote "The Morningstar Chronicles" and Tomas wrote "Two Communes".

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