Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Good Morning,
It is clear out-doors and very still; the temperature was 36 degrees; I am going to look at the map a see what is left of the big storm.
I feel good this morning and it seems the storm is just sitting in one place and dropping snow in Pennsylvania.
My prayers go out to all that have been without any communication with the planet because of the storm. We are so used to warmth, shelter, love and communication.
I believe in Global Warming because the planet does change. For as long as we have been around volcano's have burned our lungs with deadly ash. Those explosions have caused the planet to heat up and melt the ice. The winds have changed and so have the ocean currents. The Industrial nations have not helped by belching coal soot into the air just like the volcanoes. Who are we to blame?
How long can we live near a volcano? Do we move as far as we can or do we live as close as we can?
It is the same with belching chemicals plants that give off toxic fumes that dissolve lungs. Some of us were smart enough to move away from danger.

I grew up in a toxic environment in Pasadena and was only saved by the government when I joined the Navy and they said I had bronchitis; I said, "I did not.", because I knew no better and had lived that way my entire life. The Navy cleared my lungs and when I left the service I was stronger manly because I could breathe a lot better. I never went back to live near any industrial area.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I hope everyone back East is OK this morning after that monster of a storm that past last night. It is terrible to be without power and a way to find good shelter; storms like that sometimes make our homes dangerous.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Good Afternoon,
This is Fall and the leaves are the color of Autumn, The wind blows and the leaves swirl as expected. Grandfather rake leaves into piles and grandchildren throw them up into the air. Smouldering leaves at curb sides are sometimes seen. The city has a vacuum attached to a truck with wooden sides that travels slow along the curb vacuuming the leaves into the truck.
I feel good as I type these words. I sometimes hope that the world around you is as perfect as the colors seen with variable shades of life and color.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Good morning,
Today is the Sun Day. The Sun Day acknowledges the sun which provides the warmth to the planet earth plus it toughens our layer of skin. It is also one of the two days (Saturday and Sunday) that we reflect on what or whom provides that warmth. We have written as well as I as to what or whom provides that warmth. Most of us have faith in the words of gods (unknowns and known). Some folks have another unknown to have faith in Atheism which preforms the same faith in something unknown.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It is quiet, peaceful, dark and our thermometer says 44 degrees outside and 73 inside at this home in the Western Part of Kentucky.
I feel good, mom is getting ready for work and the calico kitten is playing under the dining room table.
I have a cup of decaffeinated coffee because as much as I drink (coffee) it is not good for my stomach area; where? I am not sure but I do take a medicine to keep me from responding constantly (puff, puff). I also have quit beer as it did not do well in the same area of my body. I seem to swell nicely with cream and honey in my coffee (decaffeinated coffee). I normally drink 2 decaffeinated cups to one real coffee and that keeps me happy.
We recently had lunch with our grandchildren in their grammar school and we also saw them when we took our daughter back home last Sunday.
Lunch at the grammar school
 Lunch  at the grammar school
Lunch last Sunday
Lunch last Sunday

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Good Morning,
I call places that sell pop, ice cream, milk shakes, candy, razor blades, canned meats, magazines, pencils and pens "geedunk".  Mom always says, "What are you talking about?"  I try to explain.... I looked it up on the Internet and this is what came up.
These are photos of land based and on-board Navy Ships geedunks.

"To most sailors the word geedunk means ice cream, milk shakes, candy, potato chips and other assorted snacks, or even the place where they can be purchased. No one, however, knows for certain where the term originated; there are several plausible theories:

In the 1920s a comic strip character named Harold Teen and his friends spent a great amount of time at Pop's candy store. The store's name was the Sugar Bowl but Harold and company always called it the geedunk for reasons never explained.

The Chinese word meaning a place of idleness sounds something like "gee dung."

"Geedunk" is sound made by a vending machine when it dispenses a soft drink in a cup.

It may be derived from the German word "tunk" meaning to dip or sop either in gravy or coffee. Dunking was a common practice in days when bread, not always obtained fresh, needed a bit of "tunking" to soften it. The "ge" is a German unaccented prefix denoting repetition. In time it may have changed from getunk to geedunk.

Whatever theory we use to explain geedunk's origin, it doesn't alter the fact that Navy people are glad it all got started!"

To me the re-dunking part makes the best sense.

I feel good this morning and I have caught up on some indoor chores.
I re installed my Window 7 software and all else that goes with speeding up a sluggish computer.

I rarely use my c drive for anything, I try to save everything to my 2 terabyte GoFlex Desk External Drive.
That makes it easy to clean up my computer, because there is nothing there of any importance.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Good Morning,
Some how my laptop was beeping and I had to find out what was happening,; plus it was getting rather sluggish. So I took some wire loose and set up my DVD/CD drive to place a new operating system on the computer. I did learn why my computer was beeping. It was the kitten, she had yanked and played with the wires surrounding the laptop  She had loosened a USB connection and it was connecting and disconnecting, " Beep on! Beep off!", " Beep on! Beep off!", " Beep on! Beep off!". I disconnected those wires and maybe I can get another wire that will not do that.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

In the middle of the night,
I am up and updating my websites and my Face Book pages. I place photos of my daughter at the Marion Christmas Craft Show held at Fohs Hall in Marion, Kentucky. We both had a great time I helped her set up and I really sat most of the time while my daughter was busy selling her wares at the Fair. Here are some photos.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Good Morning,
This is a cool fall overcast day. The trees have plenty of color this year.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Good Morning.kitten
There is a     on thekeyboard.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good Morning,
I want a smartphone but wanting is not a good thing. Chances are that I would learn to write "Aps" ( I assume that is an aplication) for it.
I went to the Pumpkin Festival here in town yesterday and we added a "Rubber Ducky Find" to our Hay Maze and it was a great treat for the kids. Watching them search for the ducks and find their way out at the same time was also a treat.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jesus Was a Carpenter

Good Morning,
Yesterday was Columbus Day and for those of you that still believe the world is flat, it is not. A level is flat and that is a scientific tool.
Jesus was a carpenter and he used scientific tools to aid him in his work and he knew what level was.
Senators and congressmen that think science is the work of the devil and still use smart phones, microphones, TV ads and automobiles to drive around in are idiots.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Good Morning,
I took the day off yesterday and watched football and NASCAR. Mom was off and worked on some photos her aunt had sent to ad to mom's family history (her father and mother).
This morning I was thinking of the hard hat I wore during the ice of 1977-78. I think there is a photo of the hat here on this blog.
Some folks do not think much of a hard hat but this hat is something special. See the the red round sticker at left (you may have to click on the photo to get a better view); it says Ice and Snow 1977.
I got the sticker and $87.00 dollars while in the hospital after a hernia operation. The sticker and money was the governments appreciation for working 12 hours a day 7 days a week for two months in the 1977 -1978 winter storm. Click on the hat to see some of the photos of those days.
Anyway one day at Smithland (sometime in the 1980's I decided to bring my hat to the lock to display and use the hat. After the first day on display I noticed that someone was trying to take the sticker off the hat. I promptly brought the hat back home where it hangs in our laundry room. That sticker means a lot of very cold hard frost bitten work plus the hernia and I was not going to let someone get the sticker for a trophy. 

Anyway that is the story of the hat. Here are some photos of that ice here  and  here.

I feel good this morning though I am a bit overweight somewhere in the neighborhood of weeble and some roly-poly fun humor.
I am going out at 0900 to clean the pool maybe for the last time this year (iffy). When that is done then I have to air up my lawn mower tires (one is flat) and put the mower away in the shed. The pool man may come by today to winterize the pool and put the winter cover on it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Morning
I have been turning my life in writing over to the electronic media. If the power goes off then I have to resort to some other form of communication as in writing on stone or just talking.
A small solar battery would work; I have some calculators from the 1980's that are still working. How many of you have a solar calculator that is still around and still working very well?
"Solar powered calculators are hand-held electronic calculators powered by photovoltaic panels mounted on the device.  They were introduced at the end of the 1970s"
Could I create a solar powered tablet to write on that would last as long as these devices?
Kindle has the screen for that? 

I feel good this morning; I have been printing out our coloring book for my daughter who will try to sell or show the book this holiday season.

Monday, October 1, 2012

I was raised by my grandmother in Pasadena California until 1950-51 when my father married Margie. Apparently he could not have custody of us (My sister and I) until he remarried. My grandmother did not say anything to me but the household in Pasadena seemed a little irritated at the idea of me going to my fathers home in Alhambra.
My grandmother was loving, very kind and understanding but the rest of the household were a little sad and irritated at me leaving with my father.
I have no clue as to what my father did between the time he left me at some home in San Gabriel (1943) and the time he picked me up (1950-51). He had a lot of stories but I never could figure out any truths in anything he did during that time (CCC Camp, meeting my mom at her friends home S Fair Oaks Ave and Bellefontaine St, dancing in some movies (extra), working with grandpa at the library.
My dad was respected for helping my cousins and raising my step brothers and step sister.
I seem to be the only one that harbors any ill feelings toward him.

Did my father have the ego to hurt my mother, walk away with a small penalty and then have the nerve to take me from my grandparents home.
I have that kind of ego at 71. So sad.