Monday, February 29, 2016

Old Record labels I remember from the late 1940's

I remember cranking one of these at my grandparent home in Pasadena,CA.

The RCA Victor Victrola could also cut records; 
some folks tried to send them overseas during World War II.

Got Milk

Good Morning,

I am not sure why my back aches this morning, but it does; the morning is quiet, all that I hear is the ringing in my ears(my sounds like of field of crickets). I also have a head ache, I am sure the headache is caused by one too many cups of coffee; I normally have 2 mugs of coffee and maybe 1 decaf but I think I had 3 mugs of coffee yesterday. 
I watched NASCAR and the Oscars yesterday. My favorite driver, Jimmie Johnson" won the NASCAR race and I did not see hardly any of the movies except one; mom and I saw (at the theater) the Tom Hanks movie , "Bridge of Spies" which I enjoyed. The movie that won 6 Oscar, "Mad Max: Fury Road" I will never see.
After PT mom and I went to lunch, got some milk, 2 prescriptions, then came home; Now that we home I am cleaning an area in the garage and mom is shredding things with our name on them; I am resting at the moment I see some daylight in the garage.
I am looking for 2 things out there, one is mom's, "TENS Unit" and the other is our old shredder; with that machine I can help shred.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Laptop Review

Good Morning,
I am watching the movie, "San Andreas" I find it exciting but it is a "B" movie of 2015. I am enjoying it though I am watching it in segments.
Mom an I are both up. I feel great mentally and physically.
My laptop has all the bells needed for a good laptop experience. It lacks the color of my last laptop but is very adequate for my needs. For the price it is very good; I do not expect it to last 3 years but by then I will be looking for another. I do not need a 1 terabyte hard drive since I place things on external hard drives out of practice. For writing it is ideal and for websites it is good.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Coat Rack

Good Morning,

I hung up a coat rack in the dining area; I have a problem as it covered my broom and dustpan: I guess I will have to rearrange the coats; I still have the coat tree but we will us it for the coats we wear daily.
I took the day off yesterday to rest my body.

Friday, February 26, 2016

32 Degrees Outside

Good Morning,
32 degrees outside and in our home it is 71 degrees; outside there is a wind chill and inside we may have a fan on moving the warm air throughout our home. Who do I thank, God, society or my neighbor; how did we move from the cave to the brick home; I look on TV and some folks still live in tents or wander the planet and live in huts. I have utilities and they are regulated by government except Michigan; the first state to be run by a Republican dictator. 

One nice thing about being retired is that I can take a day off and no one complains; if you are rich and own a company you can do the same.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Almost Tomorrow

11:30 PM
I fell asleep exhausted this afternoon at 4:00 PM; early this morning I brought in my trash cans and I washed 2 loads of clothes, placed the Coalition Directory online in 4 places, brought in the greenhouse from the garage, looked and brought in another box, planted a tray of tomatoes, worked on cleaning Allison's room, cleaned 2 drawers in the living room where I keep my pens and paraphernalia and folded some clothes. 
Mom and I watched the movie called, "The Railway Man" this afternoon. It started slow and slowly got very mysterious then it became a tear jerking movie. We both had no clue what the movie was about. It is a keeper but very heavy.
Mom and I do feel good mentally and physically.

Here is a Good Project For The Kids

Have them plant some vegetables;


Good Morning,
It is almost springtime in Western Kentucky; I am going to start my Early Girl Tomatoes and my Roma Tomatoes today. I will have about 6 plants of each for Allison and Family and 4 plants each for Mom and Pop here at home. I will grow mom and pops next to the house in a box where it stays warmer and maybe away from the deer (wish me luck). I will bring my Greenhouse inside today.

I am still working on Allison's room; I moved my Zorin 9 Operating System Computer into Allison's Room I have no Internet on it yet (in progress); the closet in the room has my stuff in it; the toys are in the garage on a platform. The toy-box will contain Christmas supplies indoors in the closet in Allison's room.The pictures that were on the floor will go on the walls again.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Outside of the Boxes

I placed photo like these on the boxes going to the garage; the boxes are off the floor to keep the water away:

Limited Internet

Good Morning,
When I opened my laptop in the mornings my Internet services was off or limited; it took me 24 hours and a YouTube video to solve the problem. My power management control was turning off my WiFi Card; I unchecked a button and my service was good to go all the time.

 There is four different screen in the photo above; (1) The Right Click Start button,(2) Click the Device Manager, (3) Click the Wireless Device in Network Adapter and (4) Unchecked the box in Power Management.
Mom and I are fine; we have been sending trash out the door and cleaning up the rooms. Two closets are clean and some old clothes are gone. The paper shredder is working fine.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Squeak - Updates

Good Morning,

I hear the dump truck across the street; they come about every three days to pickup trash at the school; maybe more.
To Allison:
I feel god and mom feels good; whatever your family had to give us (flu, cold, virus, etc..) has not happened yet. It may be your kittens in the bathroom that is causing a problem.

9:00 - 10:00 PM
I have been working on the Coalition Web Page updating community help numbers.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Satellite Up There

Good evening,
I got to watch the Daytona 500 this afternoon; now that is a luxury; a lot of folks put together a system of cameras in Daytona Beach Florida race track. they relayed that signal to me via satellite; I of course paid for that service; I have satellite dish attached to my home.I did watch the race and it was exciting.

The kitten is sleeping in his bed.

Mom and I both went to bed about 4:00 PM and we both got up about 9:00 PM.
I wrote about what it is like to know how to do what I know in a short period of time without the help of others on the planet.
Here is what I wrote November 11,2000  :

                      Wood, flint, stone, fire, ash, ore, sand, hair, leather, bones and vines.

If I could just remember why I am standing here in this field all-alone.
The weather is nice, but I wonder why I am alone? I am clothed as I remember in my work uniform and boots.
I do have a fondness for pleasant weather and this is my kind of day, but how in the world did I get here?
I have had memories of living alone, wishful thinking, but that does not explain this, what in the world happened? Why am I standing in this field, something is going on, is this a test?
I have imagined myself living without any help before, could this be my answer?
I had imagined that maybe the civilized world that I lived in has ended and
I stood alone to fetch and fend for myself.
Someone in my past had told me to be careful in what I wished for; I seem to be paying that piper.
I thought that I could live like this forever, I do have what I think is intelligence.
I imagined myself standing like a Greek god with my hands at my hips and looking over this small planet.
I can marvel at the colors and stately beauty of this ball of elements, this earth.
Just look at me as I stand rotund and out of shape in a field of green, a weeble.
With no help or being nearby I think that we could live like this forever.
We could stand stately and proud and dare the world to come closer.
Has the author put us all in our own colorful field?
What am I to do?
When night falls we will realize that we are not alone.
The eyes of the wild creatures of the earth will watch us very closely. What am I to do?
We have to learn to use our knowledge, the things that we learned in our life.
We can look for some useful tool and use it, but if no tools are available then we must create some to use.
Can we survive all alone or does our life require the help of others?
How difficult will it be to remains alive and not be food for other creatures.
What can I do to survive?
Do I have to find a cave and figure out a way to start a fire?
Then after the fire is complete then I could maybe get some sleep.
Who is going to watch the night while I am asleep?
I may need to find another human to have some sleep.
I know that there is steel, but how do I create it by my self?
Everything that I saw before this moment had been created for my pleasure to use as a tool or a weapon.
Can I possibly create everything that I know of by scratch?
Or do I have to search the world for other creatures of intelligence to help me out.
Is this new possibility based on each human helping each other out?
Does each one of us behave in a way to help another? Are we dependent on each other?
Or can we stand alone without any help?
It is time to move. It is time to be keen and aware.
Cloth, paper, lead, carbon, steel, plastic,  glass, concrete, oil, rubber, nylon,
crystals and asphalt.


Good Morning,
Mom and I went to Paducah, KY. yesterday to watch our granddaughter perform at a gymnastic meet; she was splendid and was one of the best at the meet (of course I thought she was the best, she is my granddaughter). 
It is remarkable what the human body can do and I marvel at what those girls can do. On my granddaughter's vault she goes higher and farther than anyone at the meet; she loses points on her landings because she is traveling farther than most at the meet. On the beam I just can't believe that they are standing so high and doing routines up there; simply amazing! Her floor exercises are comfortable to watch; she is so graceful. I love the bars and I am amazed at the talent and strength at the performance she did.
I did not take any photos so this photo at left is a photo that my daughter took last year.
Congratulations on a performance extremely well done.

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Good Morning,

I have my headphones on listening to Santana and dancing with my head. I just sat down after packing another box for the garage. Each box has a photo attached so you can view the content. In the near future Rubber Maid will have Garage Content boxes with viewers you can turn on to see whats in them. I am working on the closet in Allison's Room; I have Eli's room closet half full with content that we want in the closet. I have 4 boxes ready for the garage.  I have a Peacoat like this except it NAVY Blue Black in the closet; at the moment it Natasha's size but we can wait for Eliana or Talon.
I will have to use the wagon to bring the boxes out of the rooms; some are too cumbersome to carry out of the rooms.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Keepsake Chaos

Good Morning,

I have been cleaning out closets, so far I am about to place wire coat hangers in a box to go to the dump or...: old clothes are going away, old computer software going away; trash and old papers shredded.
Our living room, computer room and Allison's room are in chaos.
We work awhile, rest awhile, play with computers then back to work. Mom is a good cook so I gain a pound a day.
We feel good. The photo with the kitten shows the big wet snow drops on his head and back.

The snowflake on the cat is wet and huge.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Foggy in Marion

Good Morning,
Very Foggy and maybe some ice coming our way; it is below freezing at the moment; it was over 32 degrees yesterday 40's-50's. Most of the heavy snow melted (it was about 4 or 5 inches of compact wet snow, I tried moving it with a snow shovel and soon realized I would have to use the snow blower to get up to the van.

We have been cleaning closets and mom has shredded tons of paper that have our names on it; the other stuff we just trash. I am going to trash all the wire coat hangers.
I found some short work coats that Natasha might like. I hung them in the computer room on the right. We are going to be constant with our cleanup.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

How Much does a 2 bedroom brick (1200 square feet) cost what where you live?

Good Morning,
Outside it is in the 20's temperature-wise; inside our brick home it is about 70 degrees; when I mention the warmth I am always reminded that society offers me a choice of how to live and it offers me a choice of how much I can pay and it offers me an example of how much I can pay for that choice.
How Much does a 2 bedroom brick (1200 square feet) cost what where you live?

Good Morning is a nice salutation.

Good Morning,

It is just spitting snow and blowing; I noticed that the bird seed shells on the deck were blown toward our back door. I feel good this morning; I always say that but that is the idea; I am a constant in my way of being.
Good Morning is a nice salutation.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Zorin Operating System

Good Morning,
I feel good this morning; mom has been up a while; it is 24 degrees outside with light fluffy snow on our van (less than an inch). I am getting used to sitting up and blogging; when I move this computer in Allison's Room I will be sitting up on it, it will be WIFI by then. I put some games on this operating system and they seem to be better than Windows Games.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Oil Change

Good Morning,
I am up early and mom has been up since midnight; I was up at 11:00 pm and went back to bed and awoke at 4:30 am. I feel good and mom is doing much better.
I am posting again this afternoon; we may go to Murray and have an oil change on the Red Truck sometime soon; I have to work with mom about the time to go. The last time I changed the oil was in March of 2015.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Good Afternoon,
I am not keeping track of what I am posting but I am continuing to post anyway; I am using this desktop computer and it give my back problems. I thought about getting an all in one computer but it seems that it will give my back problems; I better stick to a laptop and put this computer in Allison's Room. I will get another laptop.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Post at Night

Good Evening,
I am using the old computer with a Zorin OS in tow. I will get a laptop and place this computer in the back bedroom. I am uncomfortable with this keyboard and this operating system.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Good Morning,
What does life look like in our home this morning; well ever since my laptop died our living room is more in chaos than ever before; some of the stuff is going out to the garage and some of it is going back into Allison's Room.
Jason offered the other day to put some things away but I said no at that time but this week things will change in this Living Room. Here is what it looks like:
 Head Phones, Dell XPS 410 Manual and Flashlight
to see the part model numbers
Windows XP Media Edition
Monitor #2, my Dell XPS 410, DVD Holder and DVD Player and Writer
The Yellow Basket is going to the Recycler, the open Dell XPS 600 
is being saved for parts (it was a $3,000 Gamer for Mom) 
The Dell 2007WFP Color Monitor and Sound Bar
Which was part of Mom's Gaming System
My paint brush to dust the parts
The Dell XPS Disc holders and laptop lap holder.
Zorin 9 Lite OS (operating system)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Patch

Somewhere on the wall when the wallpaper came off was a hole; visible in the hole in the wall was a black vent pipe with drops of moisture on it; I have to fix the hole before paint goes on the wall; I need a backing other than the black pipe; what should I do. I thought for a bit and remembered the foam that expands in gaps. The next time we were in Home Depot I will look for the foam that expands to fill voids.
I have to stop writing my nose is dripping; I took care of my nose and got some apple cider to clear my mouth. Old age and dust settle on things in our home including every time I take a breath. The cider is an acid, like orange juice that cleans out my mouth with a wonderful flavor.
Anyway back to the hole; I did fill the hole with foam and that dried uneven and grotesque; you saw the sculpture on top of the building in Ghost Busters; well that is what my hole looked like; I trimmed the hard foam after it dried and a lot of the space in the hole was deep and ugly; well at least I had a backing; whatever I patched the hole with was not going to fall into the void that was there before. I had some Dry Wall Spackle in our laundry room; I filled part of the hole with drywall spackle; you have to go in layers or it will never dry plus the black pipe in there deep is moist. I waited a week before I added another layer; when I got close the the surface (1/8th of an inch) I added some drywall tape. The tape would make the hole stronger and hold the spackling much better when I sand the area. So every 4 or 5 days I would fill and sand; Last night I got it to where it will disappear when a coat of paint covers it.