Thursday, February 25, 2016


Good Morning,
It is almost springtime in Western Kentucky; I am going to start my Early Girl Tomatoes and my Roma Tomatoes today. I will have about 6 plants of each for Allison and Family and 4 plants each for Mom and Pop here at home. I will grow mom and pops next to the house in a box where it stays warmer and maybe away from the deer (wish me luck). I will bring my Greenhouse inside today.

I am still working on Allison's room; I moved my Zorin 9 Operating System Computer into Allison's Room I have no Internet on it yet (in progress); the closet in the room has my stuff in it; the toys are in the garage on a platform. The toy-box will contain Christmas supplies indoors in the closet in Allison's room.The pictures that were on the floor will go on the walls again.

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