Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Patch

Somewhere on the wall when the wallpaper came off was a hole; visible in the hole in the wall was a black vent pipe with drops of moisture on it; I have to fix the hole before paint goes on the wall; I need a backing other than the black pipe; what should I do. I thought for a bit and remembered the foam that expands in gaps. The next time we were in Home Depot I will look for the foam that expands to fill voids.
I have to stop writing my nose is dripping; I took care of my nose and got some apple cider to clear my mouth. Old age and dust settle on things in our home including every time I take a breath. The cider is an acid, like orange juice that cleans out my mouth with a wonderful flavor.
Anyway back to the hole; I did fill the hole with foam and that dried uneven and grotesque; you saw the sculpture on top of the building in Ghost Busters; well that is what my hole looked like; I trimmed the hard foam after it dried and a lot of the space in the hole was deep and ugly; well at least I had a backing; whatever I patched the hole with was not going to fall into the void that was there before. I had some Dry Wall Spackle in our laundry room; I filled part of the hole with drywall spackle; you have to go in layers or it will never dry plus the black pipe in there deep is moist. I waited a week before I added another layer; when I got close the the surface (1/8th of an inch) I added some drywall tape. The tape would make the hole stronger and hold the spackling much better when I sand the area. So every 4 or 5 days I would fill and sand; Last night I got it to where it will disappear when a coat of paint covers it.

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