Sunday, February 7, 2016


Good Morning,
What does life look like in our home this morning; well ever since my laptop died our living room is more in chaos than ever before; some of the stuff is going out to the garage and some of it is going back into Allison's Room.
Jason offered the other day to put some things away but I said no at that time but this week things will change in this Living Room. Here is what it looks like:
 Head Phones, Dell XPS 410 Manual and Flashlight
to see the part model numbers
Windows XP Media Edition
Monitor #2, my Dell XPS 410, DVD Holder and DVD Player and Writer
The Yellow Basket is going to the Recycler, the open Dell XPS 600 
is being saved for parts (it was a $3,000 Gamer for Mom) 
The Dell 2007WFP Color Monitor and Sound Bar
Which was part of Mom's Gaming System
My paint brush to dust the parts
The Dell XPS Disc holders and laptop lap holder.
Zorin 9 Lite OS (operating system)

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  1. You should have let Jason help you, but you know where everything goes. Sending love your way.