Saturday, February 20, 2016


Good Morning,

I have my headphones on listening to Santana and dancing with my head. I just sat down after packing another box for the garage. Each box has a photo attached so you can view the content. In the near future Rubber Maid will have Garage Content boxes with viewers you can turn on to see whats in them. I am working on the closet in Allison's Room; I have Eli's room closet half full with content that we want in the closet. I have 4 boxes ready for the garage.  I have a Peacoat like this except it NAVY Blue Black in the closet; at the moment it Natasha's size but we can wait for Eliana or Talon.
I will have to use the wagon to bring the boxes out of the rooms; some are too cumbersome to carry out of the rooms.

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