Monday, February 29, 2016

Got Milk

Good Morning,

I am not sure why my back aches this morning, but it does; the morning is quiet, all that I hear is the ringing in my ears(my sounds like of field of crickets). I also have a head ache, I am sure the headache is caused by one too many cups of coffee; I normally have 2 mugs of coffee and maybe 1 decaf but I think I had 3 mugs of coffee yesterday. 
I watched NASCAR and the Oscars yesterday. My favorite driver, Jimmie Johnson" won the NASCAR race and I did not see hardly any of the movies except one; mom and I saw (at the theater) the Tom Hanks movie , "Bridge of Spies" which I enjoyed. The movie that won 6 Oscar, "Mad Max: Fury Road" I will never see.
After PT mom and I went to lunch, got some milk, 2 prescriptions, then came home; Now that we home I am cleaning an area in the garage and mom is shredding things with our name on them; I am resting at the moment I see some daylight in the garage.
I am looking for 2 things out there, one is mom's, "TENS Unit" and the other is our old shredder; with that machine I can help shred.

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