Monday, November 30, 2015

Love the One You're With

Good Morning,
The days are normal here in our home. It is about 44 degrees outside this home. I never want to be in a position to mask my feelings with drugs or alcohol. At one time in my life I thought of only one human as a lover and I would constantly talk about her and I am sure everyone around me was thinking, "Get Over It". It wasn't until I heard this song in Chicago while riding with Kathy, Ambo and Laurel driving her Mustang that I finally understood about life and who to love. You simple love life.

Become a Moderate Republican

World Anarchy wants control of America. At the moment they control the Republican Party. There are no moderate Republicans in office. Big World Corporations want World Anarchy; World Anarchy will always say that Big Government is At Fault as in Good Health Care is a vote for Obama Care. Or they say “Environmental Law” is against “Hard Working Jobs in the South”.
 The only way to stop the nonsense is to vote Democratic and then form a Moderate Republican Party. The first thing that has to happen is to vote out all the state republicans so that the states can change the Electoral College so that you have Moderate Republicans and Democrats.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The End of the Cold War

Good Morning,
Ever since September 2nd 1945 the United States has carried a big stick; a very spooky and explosive big stick. It worked well until the United States launched the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003. Ever since that day the world had known about the United States big stick the very spooky and explosive big stick. The world had kept it's distance from the United States in fear of what would happen. But on March 20, 2003 all that changed. 
Because we did not use the thought of the big stick the very spooky and explosive big stick and sent in vulnerable human beings into Iraq the world's thought changed. We were no longer the folks that carried a big stick; a very spooky and explosive big stick; we were just another army of human beings.

Friday, November 27, 2015


Good Morning,
We had a nice Thanksgiving even though  mom was not as active as she wanted to be but everyone else took their turn with the help. We showed some pictures of her working to get ready for dinner but that is not what she normally does which is 10 times that much. Here is a video

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Do you remember shining your cars spotlight at a spot on the drive in theater screen.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dad, Rebecca, Homes

These are links or photo maps.
Dad was born 12/21/1919 Durango, Mexico.
Mom was born in Pasadena, California 3/31/1921 and her parents home was at the address below in Old Pasadena. which is covered by an expressway. Map Below.
Dad and Mom were married 11/07/1940 in Yuma, Arizona.
They were living at              (11/19/1940) at  204 E. Pearl St., San Gabriel, CA.
My mom pregnant             12/7/1941

Dad and Mom remarried   3/15/1941 at Mission San Gabriel. My dad's mother wanted them married in a church.

Dennis was born at Mothers Clinic across the street from Huntington Hospital. This photo below: There was a Mothers Clinic (they called birthing centers today) somewhere on Fairmount Ave across from  the Huntington and that is where I was born. The "A" is 40 Bellefontaine , Pasadena, CA where I grew up at my grandparents.

Dad and Mom lived at     (1332 Crusado Lane, Ramona Gardens, LA,CA. )
Dad and Mom lived at  (1332 Crusado Lane, Ramona Gardens, LA,CA. ) when my sister Margo Sandra Diaz was born 6/22/1942.
Dad entered Army 3/05/1943 Camp Crowder, Missouri

4/29/43 dad obtained Naturalization papers at Mays Landing, New Jersey.
Margo Sandra Diaz dies 5/15/1943 of Cholera Infantum  40 Bellefontaine St. Pasadena, Cal.
I am not sure where they were renting at the time of her death. I assume that it was not 40 Bellefontiane St. It may have been somewhere else (dad did mention that she ended up at the mission but it was to late and the baby died.) 40 Bellefontaine St. was listed on the death Certificate.
Dad discharged from military (Private Honarable Discharge) 12/11/1943
12/24/1943 Rebecca got pregnant
3/44/1943  Dad, mom and I moved to 415 1/2 East Angelino St, San Gabriel, CA
Sandy was born 9/24/1944
7/1945 Mom disappeared dropped Sandy and Dennis off at 40 Bellefontaine St.
Aunt Kay at 40 Bellefontiane St. This home was at least 3 times what you see in length.

Serous Fluid

Good Morning,
Yesterday we went to Clarksville , TN to Mom's doctors appointment. I had to look up Serous Fluid because I kept calling it blood and the PA kept telling me it was not blood but Serous Fluid. Well they were busy because two days ago mom started leaking again and by the time we got to her appointment yesterday she covered her back with a dinner plate size of Serous Fluid on her trousers. They stitched up the hole where the fluid was leaking out and it seems fine this morning.
Note: The stitching was painful.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Wives Tales and Memories

Good Morning,
If you have a digital recorder (formally a tape deck) you can record a parent, aunt, uncle, grand parent. My niece, my sister and I asked my father a year before he died just about everything about his life. It was a good thing that we did. We have it included in his biography. 
It is true that you will get some pretty wild tales as the colorful life becomes more colorful as the body ages. I personally added science fiction and fantasy to my biography.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Keeping Score

Most of us have a place to place our marks; our mark is on the wall in our home; it is where we place our children and grandchildren at the entrance to our kitchen doorway; I grab a “T” Square and put it on the wall and slide down to their head and mark the “Spot”. Gunfighters placed there marks on guns; pool players moved markers above the pool table; sports game have a scoreboard provided by the local beverage company. Some folks just mark a spot in front of them with their thumb (imaginary). I place muse on a web place and I place marks in an eBook at right.


Good Morning,
I remember going to Kindergarten in Pasadena, California (I assume that I was 5 years old) and I know that the photo taken with Margie and Dad was my first year or maybe my first month with them.
The day the photo was taken was when Margie and Dad were Married.
So I spent maybe 8 years of my life in Pasadena.
I remember going to school in Pasadena in the snow, by noon it was all gone; at recess we got to throw snowballs. I looked that up and this is what I came up with:
Pasadena, California, January 11, 1949, when 6" fell on Lake Avenue.
This Link talks about the school I went to at the time I lived in Pasadena but I do not recognize the photo but she describes the name of the school I went to and the location. 

Very early Pasadena, I lived off Fair Oaks Avenue and Bellefontaine Street, Pasadena, CA 

I always took my shortcut through the Huntington Memorial Hospital on my way home from school.I was on my small bicycle going at a high rate of speed, with my hair flying and pumping my pedals like crazy. Coming out the back downhill driveway of the hospital at full speed, I swept out into the street into the back bumper of a passing car. My front tire hooked onto the car's back bumper. The driver drove down the street for some time before she realized that she had company. I was lucky. I was just skinned up on that trip.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Time for Coffee

Good Morning,
I spent most of the day yesterday resting but I did clean the floor in the bathroom plus the tub, I think the cat got sick there.
I feel good mentally and physically but I seem to have a soar throat. Coffee this morning may take care of that.
The coffee took care of any bad feeling in my throat.
2:00 PM
Washed 2 loads and now folding clothes and putting them away.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Baby Goats

Good Morning,
I am sore this morning; the temperature outside was 37 degrees. I checked FaceBook this morning and I was overwhelmed with the feeling of being a scapegoat. It was nothing anyone posted it is just that something triggered the feeling.
My wife and I have always been the butt of jokes. From the time we met we had learned to take the abuse in stride but every once in a while the feeling surfaces. I have calloused my mind which is not always good but it mentally protects the sensitive area of my being. I cannot speak for my wife but she will fight off anyone that tries to hurt her.
Most of the time old photos trigger emotions.
Mom was up but she went back to bed.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Family Visit

Good Morning,
It is dark out at the moment; I do not hear rain but it seems cooler. Clear and 44 degrees outside this morning.
I feel good this morning and mentally and physically.
Our daughter is here helping us out and that makes our life easier.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2 inches of rain +

Good Morning,
It is raining outside; we had over 2 inches of rain yesterday before our trip to Clarksville, TN.
Our trip was without incident as the rain had pretty well stopped by the time we left.
I emptied over 2 inches of rain from our rain gage last night when I put my trash cans on the street; it is raining right now.
I learned more about health care but I really do not want to do it all the time. At my age it would shorten my life. I do not have that kind of stamina to do 8 loads of wash, wash dishes clean up blood and making sure the proper medicines are taken.
In the photo at the borttom you can see the storm swirl and clearly see and eye of a storm. We put a machine in space that allows us to see in real time the weather from a space (satellite view).

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nurses should never be overwhelmed with too many patients.

Good Evening,
It has been a tough week. One thing I learned this past week. The week would have been better if Medicare had done what it could to help my wife. Because of the misuse of government funds by medicare doctors our new young doctors like my wife's had to pay a hard price. Medicare let my wife go home in 30 hours after surgery. She should of stayed in the hospital where the professional nurses could of taken care of her! But Wait! The poor nurse are overworked at the hospitals and my wife would not have gotten professional care! Budget Cuts at the hospital has reduced the staff and is overworking perfectly fine nurses. Nurses should never be overwhelmed with too many patients.
My wife is fine; I just did not know what I was doing; I am not a nurse.

Heavy Rain (A Heavy Bucket Full of Rain)

Good Morning,
It is raining outside this morning. It sounds very wet and heavy; not a thunder storm but rain I can hear. This type of rain fills everything up.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Very Spooky

Very Early Morning,
I awake and mom was up so I gave her med early (4 hour). She had been up an hour or so. Hopefully she will get some rest before morning. The phone and Dolly woke her up.
I was exhausted last night and I just fell asleep and awoke at 1245 am.

One of the cats (Loretta) stunk up the kitchen and I had to scrub the kitchen floor yesterday. I threw Loretta outside for the day and let her in at 5 pm. She seems better at the moment. It was like she was eating glass and spoiled stinky food. Very spooky.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


 There is a photo that is a skew on this wall. It hangs with one side dipping down. I know that some folks when they come by the photo would automatically raise the corner until it was level with the ceiling and floor. I thought to myself, “What is the correct position of the photo?" What law states that a photo must hang parallel with the floor or ceiling? Is there a school of knowledge that corrects dipping photos? If I dip one photo do I have to dip them all? Is someone with a pen in their pocket going to come by and point to the photo and place my name into their database of misaligned photos? Is there a pattern that my plate/life should follow, you know something pleasing to the eye? A platter laid correctly on this table of life; laid to please the eye. We all have our choices; I am a clean freak; I do not give a dam if your home is unruly but eventually I'll straighten things up and then promptly mess it up again. Where do we learn what is so called right. I know that with food if you eat something that you shouldn't it may make you deathly ill. But where do all the other ideas come from? Who flattens the top of your head and calls that neat? When did blue slacks and a white shirt become neat? Does it have to do with counting our patterns? Placing our five matches in five piles, putting our ducks in a row? I do not know, but sometimes people correct me if I'm wrong. Sometimes I follow their advice and see their point of view and sometimes I do not. I know that in the job market you have to follow all the patterns correctly to achieve a goal together but at home I'll follow my own pattern if there is any. That is a nice choice. Some places on this planet there is no choice but to follow the leader right or wrong. Some places will never have a chance to see this writing because their doors are shut and their wives are blindfolded. There is a photo that is a skew on this wall.