Sunday, November 15, 2015


 There is a photo that is a skew on this wall. It hangs with one side dipping down. I know that some folks when they come by the photo would automatically raise the corner until it was level with the ceiling and floor. I thought to myself, “What is the correct position of the photo?" What law states that a photo must hang parallel with the floor or ceiling? Is there a school of knowledge that corrects dipping photos? If I dip one photo do I have to dip them all? Is someone with a pen in their pocket going to come by and point to the photo and place my name into their database of misaligned photos? Is there a pattern that my plate/life should follow, you know something pleasing to the eye? A platter laid correctly on this table of life; laid to please the eye. We all have our choices; I am a clean freak; I do not give a dam if your home is unruly but eventually I'll straighten things up and then promptly mess it up again. Where do we learn what is so called right. I know that with food if you eat something that you shouldn't it may make you deathly ill. But where do all the other ideas come from? Who flattens the top of your head and calls that neat? When did blue slacks and a white shirt become neat? Does it have to do with counting our patterns? Placing our five matches in five piles, putting our ducks in a row? I do not know, but sometimes people correct me if I'm wrong. Sometimes I follow their advice and see their point of view and sometimes I do not. I know that in the job market you have to follow all the patterns correctly to achieve a goal together but at home I'll follow my own pattern if there is any. That is a nice choice. Some places on this planet there is no choice but to follow the leader right or wrong. Some places will never have a chance to see this writing because their doors are shut and their wives are blindfolded. There is a photo that is a skew on this wall.

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