Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Dad, Rebecca, Homes

These are links or photo maps.
Dad was born 12/21/1919 Durango, Mexico.
Mom was born in Pasadena, California 3/31/1921 and her parents home was at the address below in Old Pasadena. which is covered by an expressway. Map Below.
Dad and Mom were married 11/07/1940 in Yuma, Arizona.
They were living at              (11/19/1940) at  204 E. Pearl St., San Gabriel, CA.
My mom pregnant             12/7/1941

Dad and Mom remarried   3/15/1941 at Mission San Gabriel. My dad's mother wanted them married in a church.

Dennis was born at Mothers Clinic across the street from Huntington Hospital. This photo below: There was a Mothers Clinic (they called birthing centers today) somewhere on Fairmount Ave across from  the Huntington and that is where I was born. The "A" is 40 Bellefontaine , Pasadena, CA where I grew up at my grandparents.

Dad and Mom lived at     (1332 Crusado Lane, Ramona Gardens, LA,CA. )
Dad and Mom lived at  (1332 Crusado Lane, Ramona Gardens, LA,CA. ) when my sister Margo Sandra Diaz was born 6/22/1942.
Dad entered Army 3/05/1943 Camp Crowder, Missouri

4/29/43 dad obtained Naturalization papers at Mays Landing, New Jersey.
Margo Sandra Diaz dies 5/15/1943 of Cholera Infantum  40 Bellefontaine St. Pasadena, Cal.
I am not sure where they were renting at the time of her death. I assume that it was not 40 Bellefontiane St. It may have been somewhere else (dad did mention that she ended up at the mission but it was to late and the baby died.) 40 Bellefontaine St. was listed on the death Certificate.
Dad discharged from military (Private Honarable Discharge) 12/11/1943
12/24/1943 Rebecca got pregnant
3/44/1943  Dad, mom and I moved to 415 1/2 East Angelino St, San Gabriel, CA
Sandy was born 9/24/1944
7/1945 Mom disappeared dropped Sandy and Dennis off at 40 Bellefontaine St.
Aunt Kay at 40 Bellefontiane St. This home was at least 3 times what you see in length.

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