Wednesday, November 18, 2015

2 inches of rain +

Good Morning,
It is raining outside; we had over 2 inches of rain yesterday before our trip to Clarksville, TN.
Our trip was without incident as the rain had pretty well stopped by the time we left.
I emptied over 2 inches of rain from our rain gage last night when I put my trash cans on the street; it is raining right now.
I learned more about health care but I really do not want to do it all the time. At my age it would shorten my life. I do not have that kind of stamina to do 8 loads of wash, wash dishes clean up blood and making sure the proper medicines are taken.
In the photo at the borttom you can see the storm swirl and clearly see and eye of a storm. We put a machine in space that allows us to see in real time the weather from a space (satellite view).

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