Friday, May 30, 2014

Good Morning

We went to the doctor and she said we were fine. Mentally we are scared; not wanting to help a helpless kitten anymore. No We will help the kitten.
I feel fine and it is almost time to get on the plane and travel back to Kentucky. It is nice here but it is a desert with a "money oasis" in this Las Vegas; with nothing we would burn in the desert.
 Yes Kentucky has some wild bears, mountain lions, tame and wild men with guns and some lovely and fast women.
The most remarkable thing that Kentucky has is the seasons. Winter Brrr!! Spring Ahhh! Summer humidity or dust. and Fall Foliage.
The Bison think Kentucky is OK if you have a tough hide.  

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Good Morning

The news is better from my heart, I do find the hot sun in the afternoon does take my heart to a new level of work. I find that a bit too much in my head as my heart pounds so strongly at bedtime. To me the heat is a bit too much.

Mentally I am fine.
I took more photos of Karen's garden plus some photo of out trip to Floyd Lamb Park in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good Morning

I had a nice weekend. We had a nice weekend. Laurel Rose and I shared the weekend with the sounds of cook outs over the high walls of our oasis. We also heard bird and dogs with a scampering lizard here and there. The pool added some comfort in this dry hot environment. Laurel's sister has two desert dogs that do well in this climate. We have yet to understand the masters following the dog concept and picking his crap yet; we are but poor uncivilized folk from Kentucky who let the bear sh!t in the woods.
We feel fine though we are very leery about our condition. It will probably take a doctors very pleasant demeanor and beside manner that will make us feel comfortable again.
Maybe you can get our aunt or grandma on FaceBook and we will not have to be so isolated. I have not gotten into interactive TV as of yet. But I can tell you that this 3D TV sure makes those old Turner Classic Movies look perfect.
We have been bringing in Tova during the hot part of these last few days. She knows how to use the dog door but prefers not to use if it can be helped. Her back legs wobble when she first gets up but after being outside her dog hair hackles which is normal for a keen sense of being a dog. Out side she raises her voice first but Simi challenges any outside movement. Both dogs Kennel after dark but refuse when asked to come in if there is any light. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

73 degrees at 0530

Good Morning,

73 degrees in this Oasis in the desert. It looks a lot nicer today than it did when it was just a watering hole. Everyone seems to have water in their backyards. No one has put a sponge under their soil as of yet. If they do that then maybe they could share the water even more.

Cassie and Laurel Watching  TV

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Good Morning,
I am up early and Cassie came out to rub my leg and in her particular way say good morning.

I have been asking her to come out and say hello and she did. She would not sit still and pose so I took a lot of movement photos and selected two that looked reasonable. 


The flowers have quit falling into the pool so I had a chance this morning (0600) to scrub the sides of the pool. I am not the best of pool guys but I do love pools. Gardening for me is getting very hard as I cannot get up once down. It is the same with the pool but it has steps you can climb up out of. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Good Morning,
I am not sure what caused the pool to cloud up but I blame it on the high winds and the fire at the recycling center in North Las Vegas. The wind blew out of the southwest for two days at over 25 miles an hour blowing leaves and sand into the pool and maybe a little soot from the fires out west of the recycling center.
Laurel and I took our second treatment over the invasion of abnormal body itching that has plagued us these last two weeks.
We still will not be able to be around anyone on this stay in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Good Morning

It seems the temperature across the United States will be cool and comfortable; morning sixties just about everywhere and afternoons in the low eighties.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Good Morning

It is 0430 here in Las Vegas and 0630 at home in Kentucky. We work hard in both places but eat more in Kentucky; I assume it is the fact that we are 2 hours ahead (that is 20 years behind) the folks in the west.
Our calculation is not correct and it bothers my brain/oats. There is an itch that is not present and this coat of many colors does not exist. I am pulled in the same direction.

My Cousin Gene and his wife Carole
50th Wedding Anniversary

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Good morning

72 degrees here at Karen's. Going to get up to 101 in this Oasis. I was wondering if most of the folks here hall the flower petals and leaves away or do they mulch around the trees with them?

I am a mulch and everyone should have a pool type guy.
This morning I swept the flowers off the area around the pool, netted the pool floating debris and scrubbed the sides of the pool. The pool temperature is 73 degrees and perfect for Laurel Rose.


I saw this this morning and it pretty well sums up everything to date.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Up Early

My clock internally is still back home. This is the time I normally get up in Marion, KY. Here in Las Vegas it is the middle of the night.
I have done some chores this morning. To give Karen a heads up; sweep some of the flowers off the area around the pool; so they would not blow into the pool.
Both dogs are using the dog door.
Not too many flowers are getting into the filter; which makes it easy on the pump. The bottom of the pool looks nice. I keep after the the floating debris with the net (early morning and whenever during the day). I am a constant.
The mornings here are a comfortable cool so far.
Cassie is warming up to Laurel and we both talk to her letting her know that she is here somewhere. We see her on occasions. At the moment she is comfortably laying behind the dogs cage in the computer room.
Laurel Rose wants to go swimming. We asked the doctor and she said it is not a problem.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Good Morning

This morning it is just a salutation because Laurel and I must see a doctor here in Las Vegas. If our assumptions are correct then we will not be able to be around anyone for a month. The doctor will say.
That is sad because we had planned to visit with some folk. 
Here are some photos Laurel took yesterday

There is one thing we can do that we could not do 40 years ago and that is get a sense of what the planet is like. Of course we all have a particular point of view depending on what your government wants you to see.


A point of view:

Sometimes our thoughts are compiled into a point of view.

You know the thoughts about what we think of the world as it stands today.

But there is another point of view.

A simple point of view, a view we sometimes forget about because it is always there, always available.

It is the point of view that we see when we first wake up.

Or the point of view we see when we look out at the world to see what is before us.

It may be a garden out back, a working crew viewed through an open window,

a sandy beach with a red horizon, and a blacktop road at fifty miles per hour.

It is a deliberate choice that we make to put us in our proper perspective with our environment.

I can vision my body going out into a meadow and closing my eyes.

Standing still and then opening my eyes for the first time.

Absorbing the texture and colors in my point of view.

The thoughts moving threw my mind are the colors, textures and smells of my surroundings.

A point of view.


The world of influence, you reap what you sow.

We as individuals have made our mark.

We have influenced our children.

There is some of us in our children, good or bad, whatever?

When we stepped on the land we paid the price.

When we dropped our clothing and let our hair grow we were telling the world that their influence was not entirely right.

And now when we write and try to recover the vibe so others can understand, we are making our mark.

There are hundreds of people that visit the Morningstar/Wheelers related links weekly.

Some just laugh, some understand, some are angered, but what we write today does influence the world.

If you notice that our writings run the extremes, from the remarkable skills of write to the just plain word.

People monitor our movements from the federal government to the historical scribes of dictate.


It is morning and the quiet still of morning is green and colorful.

I reread the above sentences trying to understand why I would write such words.

Maybe it is because I can and I understand the way to type words on to a colorful background.

This is a glorified piece of paper that I can upload into a storage area with an address.

A post it note on this/our computer screen.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cleaned Karen's Pool

 This afternoon I gathered all the leaves out of Karen's pool.; I had done it early this morning about 0700 so this afternoons basket was almost empty. I scrubbed the edges of the pool and I must say it looks very tempting. It may be a little cool, I never measured the temperature.
I am in a different time zone and I am getting used to the change; our flight was over turbulent skies. We saw no storms but the situation in those high altitude were very turbulent ( Ahlotta Bumpus was sitting right in front of us). We landed so hard that we emptied the Porta Potty on landing and the plane was listing toward the left as all the cargo below was placed in a pile below us on the left side of the plane. I thought we flattened the tires or bent the landing gear.

Monday, May 12, 2014

John Deere LX176

At Night

At our home you have to be careful where you step!
You could be in danger as in attacked by a kitten or you may step on a round ball or a pair of flip flops.
The kitten just jumped on Laurel's lap as in "Nap Time"


Solar hoses operational and steps in pool.

Laurel and I will be lifted and transported tomorrow.

Laurel and I will be lifted and transported tomorrow.
Today I will mow the yard.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pool Warming Up

Solar hoses operational and steps in pool.

Good Morning

Mom and I got into some Poison Ivy or the kittens had it when we got them. I am inclined to believe that they were covered in the oil when we got them.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Good Morning

The world around Laurel and I is normal; normal like all human beings. Drama and deadlines, ups and lows, death and Spring flowers. Mild weather (It is 70 as I speak) the temperature is asking for an afternoon thunderstorm.
I start every morning with nothing to say but my ego asks my body to scrape around the edges and type.
I always offer advice and sometimes it is profound and maybe not entirely understandable or just nonsense. I think I should go out and mow before the rains (too late).
Our kitten in the "Print Screen" is very neat and clean, intelligent and very playful.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Hear Birds;
I think maybe it was like being in a war at age three.

Good Morning,

It is very nice outdoors this morning. Very green and remarkably colorful. I mowed a few days ago and as I did I thought of our neighbor who passed away. It was just the way I was mowing. One day he is out working in his yard and the next he will never again.
Most of the time I am very insensitive but on some occasions I let go. My mother opens the door. Her memory is not there or just a image of her is not there. She was cut from my life as easy as if you took scissors and skillfully cut her out of the picture. I do not remember If I cut her out or my brain cut her out. In my mind it is only speculation. 
Sometimes we do things without thinking as in the picture at left. There is more to the picture but I will never see it. At one time in my life my dad showed me a picture of my mother and a picture of him at CCC camp; they were in an album. I was living at the home in the picture when he showed me the album. There was even a picture of me with long hair between two bronze shoes on the mantle in that home at left. Those photos were skillfully cut out of my life as if they never existed.
Some days are sad in a comfortable way, not a depressive way, just a day of good lost memories.
Why is it that sometimes you cannot cry when somethings happen and other times you do. I call it callous but in my mind it is not callous. Maybe it is just a cold hard callous heart but I know in my heart it is not so.
I think maybe it was like being in a war at age three.
We lost the orange kitten (not the calico) to a internal bowl infection. We are sad.

Monday, May 5, 2014

An Ideal Situation

Good Morning,
In an ideal situation I want to just absorb the morning just after waking. It is not always possible because your mind awakes and sees the day and the view you see influences the day. Sometimes you pin the day before you. With a family the first responsibly is to prepare the day for your family. It is always the easiest when there is no conflict in your morning view (oriental point of view). 
I always liked the oriental point of view or presentation. I also love the Kosher food laws that keep us healthy. My late step mother Margie tried to pound into my mind the importance of cleanliness. I was stubborn but she had my fathers blessing to make sure I learned to work very hard at keeping clean. I rebelled in the 1960's but I did remember to balance cleanliness with good sense. My grandmother and Margie both said to take a little bit of yarn to mend a sock so that you would not have to stretch forever and untangle the yarn. That is the best way to clean. One dish at a time.
When I lived in San Jose just after getting out of the service builders used to use wheel barrows to move cement up one flight of steps to lay brick. At Dam #50 we raised one wicket at a time and it took 8 hours to raise the dam.
Work takes time and it is never an over night sensation.