Saturday, October 31, 2015

Good Morning,
Feeling stiff but feel generally good overall, mentally and physically.

Friday, October 30, 2015

37 degrees and maybe colder?

I fixed up the heater and light for the cats outside. I have a bed out there with a blanket; I raised area with a heated pad and a lighted area for cats that like sun shine. The cat chow goes under the chair on top. I am not sure about a heavy snow coming off the roof yet?
If the black plastic gets cold and still I may put the cat chow pan on the deck under the plastic. That will feed everyone (black and white too).


Good Morning,
I noticed while stretching how sore and stiff back was; this is on my way to feeling better; it will take patience on my part not to push my body too far.
I was surprised the other day when I took one of those Face Book exams and aced the test. It was one on word and writing skills one on word usage; as in pair, pare, to, too, Philly, filly etc. I took an exam on U.S. History and barely got half right.; I took a science quiz and again I got one half right. Those latter subjects I like a lot and I thought I would do well.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Good Morning,
When we got home from mom's doctor appointment in Nashville I looked at the rain gauge and it had a lot of rain in it. This morning I will post some photo of Monday's Fall Roundup and write an article for the District Blog Page about the roundup.
Last night when we got home I put out the trash, got the mail and viewed the rain gauge. This morning I will bring in my empty trash cans and take a photo of the rain gauge. I will empty it after the mail carrier comes by.
We traveled from Marion to Nashville and it rained all the way there, while we were there and all the way back until we were safely in our home; the rivers will rise.
It read somewhere between 3 and 4 inches.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Shimmering and Not Seen.

Good Morning,
Ever since I was a little boy I have always had that feeling that I was watched and followed because of my family background. From time to time there have been subtle clues, vague and sublime, shimmering and not seen.
One big clue came to of at Murray State where mom and I were looking up my grandfathers history and found evidence that my great grandfather had stolen gold from Mexico and hid it. It disappeared and has never been found. I thought maybe folks were looking my way quietly, vague and shimmering and not seen.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Rope Swing

Good Morning,
I am up early and getting ready for our Fall Roundup which is this week. We had our local meeting this week with a nice turn out. Some of the folks at the meeting worked at the Christmas in Marion arts and Crafts Show last week. I thanked them for their hard work.
I put up a string (rope) for the cat and he is playing with it at the moment.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

I Evolve

Good Morning,
Every day I change and evolve (environmental evolution); I add time to my body as it ages; the planet uses our energy when we are here and now. I will eventually die and the planet will still use my body and I will evolve. What I am writing will stay afloat either by word of mouth or some granite monument. Man is constantly trying to place our writing in good places that will not dissolve. Every day I change the words in the document.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Blue Ray

Good Morning,
Mom and I got some kind of shot yesterday then we headed for Paducah to get a heads up on a couple of Christmas presents and cat food.
We get to watch a movie.

Friday, October 23, 2015


Good Morning,
I stretched a little more this morning; hopefully it will help my back; I took it easy yesterday and stayed away from the garage cleaning. I may go out there and look. Maybe a garage opener will help?
I am getting mom a Belgian Waffle Iron for Christmas. I want one of those camp wagons for groceries.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

LG G Pad 10.1 LTE VK700

Good Morning,
When you least expect it you do something not called on and this morning while brushing my teeth I pulled a muscle again (same place). I will do nothing today but rest and listen to music and read my eBook on my tablet. I had planned to work out in the garage.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pulled Muscle

Good Morning,
When you least expect it you do something not called on and this morning while making a cup of coffee I pulled a back muscle. I feel good mentally and physically but with a pulled muscle.
This morning I was printing out letters to congress for our NARFE Members for our meeting this week.
I have been very lucky (back and muscles) this week as I have been cleaning out the garage. Well I will take the day off and not do anything at all but rest.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Organize the Truck Bed

There is something I want Allison to know about and that is what I published on Amazon is only half of each Muse. She knows where the other half is and that some words are complimented by art and graphic.
If someone wants the other half published they will have to pay up-front to have them posted on shiny paper and hard cover.

Kitten Yarn at Arts and Crafts Show

Good Morning,
We had the pleasure of going to see the Christmas In Marion Arts & Craft Show yesterday. There was an overwhelming crowd of people viewing the skills of our area folks.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Soft and Tuff

Good Morning,
I am tired but feel comfortable this morning; mentally and physically I am fine. I went to the dump yesterday and got rig of some stuff I thought I needed.
Soft and Tuff: That is a description of my daughter and her wash cloth's she creates. They almost last forever; they clean soft and strong they are tuff.
I keep asking her to run for congress and mom and Allison say, "Stop Dad!" I am such a nudge. The world today hates everything that says congress. That is why Trump can buy his way into the job of president.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Celebrity Status

Good Morning,
Once you reach a celebrity status you can run for president or pay someone to become president.You may also be able to fund or defeat a candidate by running ads for or against them. 
I loaded up my truck with junk or yard sale stuff; To me it is going to the dump. At one time in my life it was all useful and some of it is valuable but for me it is all going to the dump. I have a box of science fiction books (paperbacks) that I will give away; I will give my grand daughters first choice and then they are gone.
I was surprised by the fact that folks are buying my eBook, "Tomas Stories".
When someone decides to publish it by hard copy (Tabletop (magazine size)) then I will place the appropriate graphics to go with the prose.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Garage Cleaning

Good Morning,
I looked at my book online (Tomas Stories) and it seems that I put in duplicate words (repeated myself). I wrote a story about mom and then added a muse that I wrote about mom that said the same thing. It is in the very beginning of the book. There is more but they may be just prayers.
Tomorrow I will clean out the garage.
The book makes me laugh and cry.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall Colors

Good Morning,
It is dark out at the moment. cooler temperature, fall colors in the air. Our neighbors tree looks like it it has cherries on it. It seems the fall colors are showing slowly this year.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Plastic Bags Science Fiction

Good Morning,
I am going to mix The Fantasy pages I wrote with my Tomas Stories (Bio). It will make what I wrote strange and very off beat Science Fiction.
I feel good this morning; mentally and psychically. Funny I spelled those words correctly yesterday and this morning they were way off. I use the built in spell check constantly. If I were writing with a pencil and tablet I would have wore out the yellow legal pad and if I was using a typewriter I would have used a ream a paper by now.
I loaded the truck up with aluminum cans yesterday and I will take them to recycling center tomorrow. I will also find out what else they take because I have plastic bags and electronic circuits and cables.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Aluminum Cans

Good Morning,
Today I gather up the aluminum cans and place them in the truck bed. I will take them in Monday to be recycled. I will find out more on electronic devices at the sight where I take in the cans.
I did a little weeding yesterday and some editing on my stories.
I feel good this morning; mentally and physically.

Friday, October 9, 2015


Good Morning,
It is going to rain today; not much, just a little; maybe enough to water the mum we just planted.
I think we work inside this morning and if we can we can take the kitten out on the deck as we have done in the last few days.
I picked up grass clippings yesterday and mom went to jury duty. When she got back she waved me down and told me that my daughter wanted to have lunch with us. So we met her near the lakes we she had a chore to do. I was having no luck with the clippings anyway as it was too early and the clippings were damp and not ready to be picked up. 
When we got back I finished up on the clippings as they were dry and mom paid bills. 
The kitten loves it outside but we are afraid he is too young and may get into too many fights and not come out alive. So we stay out with the kitten.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Our Mums

I dug a shovel deep rectangle for our two mums. In the space where the shoveled out soil was I added fortified soil and a sand mixture in the hole. I cut the bottoms out of the potted mums pots and set the pots without bottoms on the mixture of fortified soil and a sand mixture in the hole. I added the soil I shoveled out around the pots to winterize the pots with the mums. Over that I added the black mulch.
In other words the mums are just sitting on the ground for the winter.

Cherry Tomatoes

Good Morning,
I feel good this morning; mentally and physically I am fine. I still want to move to Murray but it seems that I am stuck here in Marion. I could just leave and rent a room in Murray and wait for mom to come but I will not at this time. I could swap homes with someone in Murray(swap titles).
Today I pick up grass clippings and weed eat.
Mom picked those tomatoes.
It is overcast and feels like rain; no rain is predicted.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello, Oil Change

Good Morning,

Face Book is a nice way to keep in touch with family; but blogging like here is a nice way to get a little personal. Sometime folks on Facebook really do not like getting too involved in other people lives.
I find this to be a good way to say hello to family.
I mowed yesterday but before mowing I checked the oil and it was time to change it. The book said 50 hours then change it. What I saw was, "No!" I had better change it now. The hour meter said 30 hours. So today I change the oil and filters (oil filter and air filter). 50 hours is just too long a  time to wait.
Mom got a hair cut and then we bought some oil and oil filter for the lawn tractor; we had breakfast and then we came home. I rested then changed the oil and filter on our lawn tractor. Tomorrow after I pick up grass clippings I will change the air filter on the lawn tractor.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Garage Sale

Good Morning,
I am really aware of my eyesight; I seems to feel that my eyes are making the view on my computer like "What I see is zoomed in!" Now my eyes have adjusted and my mind says that is normal vision.
Today I mow then I start cleaning out the garage; aluminum cans into the truck, then electronics into the trash bags ( I may do that early since the trash man comes today). "Garage Sale!"

Monday, October 5, 2015

Boosters Club Mums

Two Mums Mom got from Allison; we planted them today, we tried not to disturb the root ball; they are sitting high surrounded by soil and mulch. Below them are some nourishment for the new next spring about 6 months from now.


Good Morning,
I cleaned the kitchen floor and this afternoon mom and I will plant the Mums in the yard. I feel good this morning and am typing this without glasses and am seeing pretty well; the doctor said I see almost 20/20 with an astigmatism. The prescription with my old glasses corrected the astigmatism; the glasses helped me with eye strain which helped with headaches. The doctor said I could wear my old glasses.
We bought Allison a early Christmas Present because she may need it because the Christmas in Marion Festival is this Month.

The object below is what we got Allison; I have one but mine is smaller and it helped me with my projects but it was too small for my daughters projects.

Friday, October 2, 2015

We Are Getting Things That are Expencive

Good Morning,
Well I did nothing yesterday; I feel good today.
The last time we went shopping for cat chow we noticed that the cat chow bags were about $40.00 for food did that did not have dyes. We had some cats that did have some issues with going to the bathroom. When we changed brands the cats were better and not eating too much. The kitten eats anything we eat plus cat chow.
The kitten is alert and a male; his name is Johnny but I always say her when referring to him.. We bought flea medicine (treatment) for the cats and it also was in the $40'00 range in price. It worked where all else failed. We Are Getting Things That are Expensive.
I take a YouGov survey and one question I always get is "Are things getting better for you family?" I want to answer "Yes." because of my outlook but the the way prices are rising I always say "No".