Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hello, Oil Change

Good Morning,

Face Book is a nice way to keep in touch with family; but blogging like here is a nice way to get a little personal. Sometime folks on Facebook really do not like getting too involved in other people lives.
I find this to be a good way to say hello to family.
I mowed yesterday but before mowing I checked the oil and it was time to change it. The book said 50 hours then change it. What I saw was, "No!" I had better change it now. The hour meter said 30 hours. So today I change the oil and filters (oil filter and air filter). 50 hours is just too long a  time to wait.
Mom got a hair cut and then we bought some oil and oil filter for the lawn tractor; we had breakfast and then we came home. I rested then changed the oil and filter on our lawn tractor. Tomorrow after I pick up grass clippings I will change the air filter on the lawn tractor.

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