Friday, October 9, 2015


Good Morning,
It is going to rain today; not much, just a little; maybe enough to water the mum we just planted.
I think we work inside this morning and if we can we can take the kitten out on the deck as we have done in the last few days.
I picked up grass clippings yesterday and mom went to jury duty. When she got back she waved me down and told me that my daughter wanted to have lunch with us. So we met her near the lakes we she had a chore to do. I was having no luck with the clippings anyway as it was too early and the clippings were damp and not ready to be picked up. 
When we got back I finished up on the clippings as they were dry and mom paid bills. 
The kitten loves it outside but we are afraid he is too young and may get into too many fights and not come out alive. So we stay out with the kitten.

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