Friday, October 2, 2015

We Are Getting Things That are Expencive

Good Morning,
Well I did nothing yesterday; I feel good today.
The last time we went shopping for cat chow we noticed that the cat chow bags were about $40.00 for food did that did not have dyes. We had some cats that did have some issues with going to the bathroom. When we changed brands the cats were better and not eating too much. The kitten eats anything we eat plus cat chow.
The kitten is alert and a male; his name is Johnny but I always say her when referring to him.. We bought flea medicine (treatment) for the cats and it also was in the $40'00 range in price. It worked where all else failed. We Are Getting Things That are Expensive.
I take a YouGov survey and one question I always get is "Are things getting better for you family?" I want to answer "Yes." because of my outlook but the the way prices are rising I always say "No".

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