Saturday, November 30, 2013

Good Morning

Mom is off work and Allison and family are here for the day. Because of  Black Thanksgiving and Black Friday both Jason's mom and Laurel had to work at Walmart on those days. Because we have school next Monday Allison and Family have only two days to visit with the children's grandparents.
Allison's friend Teresa made Laurel this quilt from the patterns from Aprilyn's and Eli's pillows they gave us for Christmas two years.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


This morning I saw a movie with a happy ending and
I remembered the folks at Tolstoy and Morningstar and I smiled.
I knew that I was loved and cared for.
I was given what the world could not give.
I was given the sense of being
a human being on this planet.
A footing of goodwill,
a path,
the light to walk on.
It is easy for me to see the way,
the common good,
the view, as Kyle said, “the sunset, the sunrise”.

I know that you care deeply about the turmoil
surrounding us but we can sit in this quiet time and
see and feel the peace that we have created.


Good Morning,
As part of my good influence I wish everyone on the planet a good day and those of us in the USA I am thankful that we celebrate this day of sharing our meals with the planet and close neighbors.
My wife has to work at Walmart today but I am thankful that her income tides us over the hump.
Walmart may have given her the day off with pay with a card and a note for a Thanksgiving Turkey but they do not think that way; the times they are a changing.

The planet is truly changing. I/we as adults give thanks on Thanksgiving but the propaganda on TV says the most important day is Black Friday.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

More on Kennedy

In the 1950's we were all going to be bombed in the nuclear war which was emanate. It was normal to hid under our desk in school during drills we were taught that that would protect us from the Atomic Bomb. I did not have a positive feeling of living a normal life as there was not a normal life if you were going to die in an Atomic Explosion. All the teachings of Christ were useless, two bombs were dropped already and only the constant bickering between the United States and Russia kept us from dying at any time. Rebel without a cause meant something completely different in 1950. It was more like viewing this photo over our bodies; I was confused.
When Kennedy was elected he offered us hope. We still had a cold war going on and we still believed we were going to die but it seemed with his election then maybe there was  a glimmer of light.
Today his life is bare and open to view so there is no protective cover over his life as it was then. It is similar to calling the Republicans racists today. We cover that with the normal blessing of ignored propaganda that sugar coats the life and times of Congress and a black president.
Anyway Kennedy offered us hope. Maybe if we had someplace else to go maybe we would not be blown up; the moon is a good start.

Good Morning

I am perplexed?
The love of guns in the United States.
The love of playing realty games on a computer where roll playing kills another human being.
The new art of sucker punching a human being.

I sometimes think I am insane when I think in extremes or voice an opinion in an extreme.
I do not have a love for guns or use them as a utility.
I do not play games that kill.
I do not go out and sucker punch anyone.

I still have problems with  my back. When I go shopping with Laurel she asks me to ride a cart so she will not hear me complain about my legs burning.
We stopped at a yarn shop yesterday to view yarns for my daughter to use. She like yarns that do not cost very much. Anyway I was excited to see the color of yarn in this yarn shop in Eddyville, Kentucky. Mom was not as excited as I.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Filibustering by the Party of No

Good Morning,
I find what Harry Reid did good for the senate. I know that the senate and the house will soon find some other way to obstruct our President. I find the whole business a clear sign of prejudice against a black man in office of the Presidency of the United States.
It is utterly amazing. History will note it when seen by the years of history. I do not need the time to view prejudice.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Morning,

Mom is off work and I am getting older but not wiser. I made a mistake yesterday by drinking milk with my coffee mocha and it cost me my day. 
I am fine. I know that milk causes an issue with me  but I still make that mistake from time to  time. If I am home it is not to big of a problem but when I am 40 miles from home it is an issue.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Hard Work

Mom was really tired this morning. I had to wake here as she did not hear her alarm clock as it rang and rang. Normally when it rings like that she has gone into the computer room and does not hear it. Today she was just very soundly sleeping.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Good Morning

I saw my Sisters post this morning and they had snow Tuesday. Remarkable! I was not expecting any snow near us at this time of year. It has been cold enough.
I cut down half of my garden spot and removed half of the fence (it was temporary). Next year there will be no fence (it was an eyesore).
I may use the fence as a pole bean fence.
I feel good this morning. I have felt good these last few weeks. I always have some kind of back problem (pinched nerve in spinal area) but this morning there is no tingling. The tingling is a sign to stop whatever I am doing and let my body recover or mend a little. That is why I had back surgery; my right thigh tingled and heated up; I was walking across the dam every day at the time and as the weeks continued the heat got worse and finally I could not walk any more (I would walk 100 feet and the pain would stop me), that led to an emergency room visit then a local doctor and then a nerve specialist who recommended surgery.
In the photo you see the jello like cushion (disc) pressing against the nerve; the pressing causes phantom aches and pains and sometimes just stops you cold as it did me (pain, sweating and tears).
One trip across Walmart (maybe two) and I have to sit with the old gentlemen at the bench.
The above post has led me to a lot of FaceBook postings, websites and blogs. Hence the Business Card Ads Page to earn a little extra cash.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good Morning,

I am pretty well fed up with all our news stations on our Satellite DirecTV. The only one that is not too biased is CSPAN and I find it at times a little conservative.
It seems that network news anchors are being paid large sums of money and their objectivity is going out the door as they protect their assists.
One of our cats woke me up and I just started sneezing; what is in the air? It is time for a change in the atmosphere. 
I am pretty sure that the Tea Party is in charge of our government. I think my wife gets her Tea Party checks on the 15th.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's True: Corporations Are People and they are Peeking

I saw this on TV this morning,
What I saw said that Corporations can peek into people’s lives but the government cannot.
I thought that our United States Constitution said. "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

According to the United States Constitution it is illegal for people to spy on people. With that logic corporations are breaking the law by peeking into people’s lives. 

The Non Conformist

Good Morning,
I certainly fall into that category. It is a shame that we as humans place our values on normal standards.
I did not know it in my teens; I was extremely confused. Love they neighbor and Russia is going to drop the bomb on my school?
I did not do homework in school and that was abnormal. I loved my step sister and that was not normal? I knew no better and nobody explained.
My God is better than yours?! Eh?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Genie

Good Morning,
I have a hard time bouncing on the riding mower, it hurts the next day; age has it's perks. We need a new mower and at my age I do a terrible job of maintaining anything I have. So next year I will hire out the mowing and buy vegetable from the Amish. All I can do is websites.
Our DirecTV had an update tab that said call us for a complete update on your equipment; we did it and they came out yesterday and put new everything in; we now have a whole house Genie.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Busy doing Website Stuff

Good Morning,
Some computer web sites look great on your wristwatches, smartphone and tablets and other websites have not kept up with the times.I am updating my stuff to look great on all devices.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Good Morning,
I feel old and worn; mentally I am young but my body feels old. I ask my body to work miracles and it does; but work is exhausting.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Morning Prayer or just a view of life

Good Morning,

I have some ringing in my ears or what I call the electricity roaming through the wires in our home. It is quiet and as I look out the window I see color. Fall color in the trees, light gray skies with only an imaginary hint of blue.

I have downloaded several versions of the Christian Bible and Catholic Mass apps. I still have a tendency to believe as I have since the 1960's revelation that Jesus and I are fellow men and we are the sons of god (as is every creature on our blue planet called Earth). That is what is different in my approach to Bible verse that Worships Jesus. Worshiping Jesus is not a problem but excluding every other human being is. I know we have high standards but being on this planet is nice.

The other day a young human being left the planet to be with god. I always had a problem with that because my ego wanted life with other human beings on this blue planet. I understood what he did. Folks cried because they wanted him here and he did not stay.

I will say my favorite prayer.

The New & The Old

The New
Another day has arrived.
I am aware of another day.
From a deep sleep I awaken.
The baggage that I bring to this mind is full of treasure and trash.
There is no pain nagging this mind.
What needs to be tended to is attended to or mended.
I look around and see what needs to be attended to in this abode.
I look out the window and see daylight and the light shines on the earth awakening the colors of day.
There (I have pointed my mind and my eyes follow) is the television with it’s images and sounds.
A story unfolds…
click…. Propaganda….. click…opinion….click….a story unfolds.

Here I type reminding me that there is beauty to see.
I see
This morning the cat is regal.
The rain and the warmth have made our lawn roll with lush green Easter grass.
Without choice the day is splendid.


The Old

I am constantly looking for a rush of words that will bring my emotions to a
heightened state of euphoria.
So I read a book, go out and view the early morning,
scan the Internet.
I am chasing a dream.
I am constantly finding that peace, that state of being, that euphoria.

Every morning I awake,
every morning I search.
Sometimes there is a moment where I just see like a child lost in a dream,

Tomas did you hear me?

The teacher comes by and says,
Tomas did you hear the question?

Someone please tap my shoulder.
Awaken me from this moment of peace.

Nothing would be done if we all found that moment of peace.

No wars could be fought if we all found that moment of peace.

Some of us can carry that moment throughout the day.
An aura of bliss carried on our shoulders like a comforting knapsack.
We can dig the weeds, assemble the work, draw the painting, and write the word.
All we need is the awakening moment, the reminder,
the warm chill that emanates deep in our being to come forward like the blood that flows to our brain.

We are constantly showing others our moment hoping that they will see it.

Share it be part of it.

It is a good vibration;
a warm movement of blood;
a good state of mind;
it is peace.

Beach Boys Good Vibrations

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mentally Hard

I went to two Funeral last week and it was enlightening and difficult. The first was enlightening and I saw the funeral of a friends mother in a Catholic Church. It has been about 50 years since I have stepped into a Catholic Church. It was enlightening as the learned process of Mass stepped forward; it was nostalgic and I wanted to step back into the church again.
The second funeral was hard as a young man died and there was nothing any of us could do as it is done and we said goodbye at the funeral. The second funeral was very hard on everyone and it showed and it was difficult.