Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Morning Prayer or just a view of life

Good Morning,

I have some ringing in my ears or what I call the electricity roaming through the wires in our home. It is quiet and as I look out the window I see color. Fall color in the trees, light gray skies with only an imaginary hint of blue.

I have downloaded several versions of the Christian Bible and Catholic Mass apps. I still have a tendency to believe as I have since the 1960's revelation that Jesus and I are fellow men and we are the sons of god (as is every creature on our blue planet called Earth). That is what is different in my approach to Bible verse that Worships Jesus. Worshiping Jesus is not a problem but excluding every other human being is. I know we have high standards but being on this planet is nice.

The other day a young human being left the planet to be with god. I always had a problem with that because my ego wanted life with other human beings on this blue planet. I understood what he did. Folks cried because they wanted him here and he did not stay.

I will say my favorite prayer.

The New & The Old

The New
Another day has arrived.
I am aware of another day.
From a deep sleep I awaken.
The baggage that I bring to this mind is full of treasure and trash.
There is no pain nagging this mind.
What needs to be tended to is attended to or mended.
I look around and see what needs to be attended to in this abode.
I look out the window and see daylight and the light shines on the earth awakening the colors of day.
There (I have pointed my mind and my eyes follow) is the television with it’s images and sounds.
A story unfolds…
click…. Propaganda….. click…opinion….click….a story unfolds.

Here I type reminding me that there is beauty to see.
I see
This morning the cat is regal.
The rain and the warmth have made our lawn roll with lush green Easter grass.
Without choice the day is splendid.


The Old

I am constantly looking for a rush of words that will bring my emotions to a
heightened state of euphoria.
So I read a book, go out and view the early morning,
scan the Internet.
I am chasing a dream.
I am constantly finding that peace, that state of being, that euphoria.

Every morning I awake,
every morning I search.
Sometimes there is a moment where I just see like a child lost in a dream,

Tomas did you hear me?

The teacher comes by and says,
Tomas did you hear the question?

Someone please tap my shoulder.
Awaken me from this moment of peace.

Nothing would be done if we all found that moment of peace.

No wars could be fought if we all found that moment of peace.

Some of us can carry that moment throughout the day.
An aura of bliss carried on our shoulders like a comforting knapsack.
We can dig the weeds, assemble the work, draw the painting, and write the word.
All we need is the awakening moment, the reminder,
the warm chill that emanates deep in our being to come forward like the blood that flows to our brain.

We are constantly showing others our moment hoping that they will see it.

Share it be part of it.

It is a good vibration;
a warm movement of blood;
a good state of mind;
it is peace.

Beach Boys Good Vibrations

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