Sunday, November 24, 2013

More on Kennedy

In the 1950's we were all going to be bombed in the nuclear war which was emanate. It was normal to hid under our desk in school during drills we were taught that that would protect us from the Atomic Bomb. I did not have a positive feeling of living a normal life as there was not a normal life if you were going to die in an Atomic Explosion. All the teachings of Christ were useless, two bombs were dropped already and only the constant bickering between the United States and Russia kept us from dying at any time. Rebel without a cause meant something completely different in 1950. It was more like viewing this photo over our bodies; I was confused.
When Kennedy was elected he offered us hope. We still had a cold war going on and we still believed we were going to die but it seemed with his election then maybe there was  a glimmer of light.
Today his life is bare and open to view so there is no protective cover over his life as it was then. It is similar to calling the Republicans racists today. We cover that with the normal blessing of ignored propaganda that sugar coats the life and times of Congress and a black president.
Anyway Kennedy offered us hope. Maybe if we had someplace else to go maybe we would not be blown up; the moon is a good start.

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