Sunday, November 24, 2013

Good Morning

I am perplexed?
The love of guns in the United States.
The love of playing realty games on a computer where roll playing kills another human being.
The new art of sucker punching a human being.

I sometimes think I am insane when I think in extremes or voice an opinion in an extreme.
I do not have a love for guns or use them as a utility.
I do not play games that kill.
I do not go out and sucker punch anyone.

I still have problems with  my back. When I go shopping with Laurel she asks me to ride a cart so she will not hear me complain about my legs burning.
We stopped at a yarn shop yesterday to view yarns for my daughter to use. She like yarns that do not cost very much. Anyway I was excited to see the color of yarn in this yarn shop in Eddyville, Kentucky. Mom was not as excited as I.

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