Thursday, November 14, 2013

Good Morning

I saw my Sisters post this morning and they had snow Tuesday. Remarkable! I was not expecting any snow near us at this time of year. It has been cold enough.
I cut down half of my garden spot and removed half of the fence (it was temporary). Next year there will be no fence (it was an eyesore).
I may use the fence as a pole bean fence.
I feel good this morning. I have felt good these last few weeks. I always have some kind of back problem (pinched nerve in spinal area) but this morning there is no tingling. The tingling is a sign to stop whatever I am doing and let my body recover or mend a little. That is why I had back surgery; my right thigh tingled and heated up; I was walking across the dam every day at the time and as the weeks continued the heat got worse and finally I could not walk any more (I would walk 100 feet and the pain would stop me), that led to an emergency room visit then a local doctor and then a nerve specialist who recommended surgery.
In the photo you see the jello like cushion (disc) pressing against the nerve; the pressing causes phantom aches and pains and sometimes just stops you cold as it did me (pain, sweating and tears).
One trip across Walmart (maybe two) and I have to sit with the old gentlemen at the bench.
The above post has led me to a lot of FaceBook postings, websites and blogs. Hence the Business Card Ads Page to earn a little extra cash.

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