Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Kids and ABBA

Good Evening,
The girls are dancing to ABBA on our Wii. Pretty cool.

Mom and I just bowled on our Wii.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Good Morning

I can only assume that my grandmother in Pasadena was extremely fond of Eleanor Roosevelt.
This photo pretty well sums up my grandmother. I am pretty sure she was more complicated than that but I only have memory and that is my flaw and my apology.
I feel good this morning. The weather here is normal for San Diego but not normal for the Dog Days of Summer. This is July and July is supposed to be steamy and so hot and humid that air is gulped like honey. This weather is like early Spring. This is a summer month!

Eric Clapton - Wonderful tonight

Random Harvest by James Hilton

An Affair to Remember
I been listening Fleetwood Mac "Oh Well"  and Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade - op.35

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Presentation is an art form

Presentation is an Art Form
 Presentation is an Art Form
 Presentation is an Art Form
 Presentation is an Art Form
 Presentation is an Art Form
 Presentation is an Art Form
 Presentation is an Art Form
Presentation is an Art Form

Friday, July 26, 2013

Good Morning,
It seems that I am not posting anything, I am posting on my smart phone and emailing my post to this email address.
Good Morning,
we have blue skies this morning and a temperature of 70 degrees.
The birds are singing with Robins on the wet grass ( dew). Everything is very green. My garden is almost out of control.
The black tom cat went. to sliding door, looked in and meowed. That cat was raised indoors.
The Hummingbirds are back, I heard them by my ears and then I saw 2 of them fly by.
Dark clouds are rolling in from the south. Acourding to RADAR rain is moving in from the south pretty fast, there was nothing in the sky when I first posted early this morning.
Good Morning,
It is 73 degrees outside this morning and very steamy and humid. It feels hot and the wind is cool. The sun is out in this almost clear sky but on our RADAR we have rain storms to our west.
Whatever I will mow in the garden. The hummingbirds are here looking for an easy breakfast of warm nectar.
I am copying files from Mom's old PC to my external 2 gig Drive. I have to be careful not to over heat her old hard drive. So I just run it for an hour then shut it down and let it cool. At one time in the past it was not seen at all by her old system.
Good Morning,
It rained and stormed last night. Mom said something in town got hit pretty with a lightning strike.I now know why our cat Loretta steals white paper out of mom, trash can an steals my white crocheted coaster every night. It is like a bunny rabbit I sleep with. It makes it easier for her to sleep at night. I saw her asleep this morning with a paw on my white coaster.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

It looks like rain outside this morning. I was out on the deck at 0600 and the skies were clear except a band of clouds to our south. Now the clouds have moved north and cover our skies.
I hope to relax today. I did go to town yesterday to get some gas for my mower. I came home and mowed. Tomorrow I will do some weed eating with my machine.
I remember growing up in the 1950 and weeding with a hoe and edging the yard with a GEM razor blade. My step-mom and dad were very strict.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Good Morning

It is 70 degrees outside both upfront and outback, I find that rare in this home. There is a good balance.
Our home is quiet and not very chaotic. Mostly because of my laid back attitude and the presence of all the beings in harmony. We like it that way and we demand it's presence. You say, "What!"
You can tell when the balance leans the wrong way or chaos rules the day.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It is cloudy and 69 degrees outside on the deck, in the pool it is 83 degrees.
Birds are singing and it is very hazy. 
I am about ready to paint the deck it looks ready. I have a paint that makes the deck look this way so the new finish looks like this when it is done.
I feel good this morning, our grass slowed down it's growth, most of the garden is under control and very green.
I am going to take a photo of a sunflower.
My smart phone sends my photos to my computer laptop for viewing and editing. That way I keep garbage off my Facebook and blogs.
This post I email to my old email address for editing and maybe a post somewhere.
I have eating cucumbers in the fenced in area of the garden. I put pickling cucumbers near my Devils Tower. Mom just said the deer just ate my pickling cucumbers.

The Hackberry before the Ice Storm and my garden before the pool.

The Devils Tower: The Stump of the Hackberry is my Devils Tower where the deer ate my Cucumbers last night.

In 2006 the deer used to lay in the shady spot under the Canna and Elephant Ears shown at left. 
Can you see the matted grass where the deer and fawn lay.
When they got up they would eat fresh tomatoes and tomato plants and fresh Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans from my garden a few feet away.  

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Good Morning,
It is a cool 59 degrees here at home. I did watch the weather and covered our pool to retain the heat. In a few minutes I will turn on the heater on the pool. We need sunshine and we have that already. The wind is cool and out of the North.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Good Morning,
Bright and early this morning, I shocked the pool. I left the cover off last night to cool the pool, it was 87 degrees last night and this morning it is 83 degrees. It can warm up to 85 by noon with sunshine and warm water from the solar heater.
We have blue skies, birds singing and a lot of noisy activity from the neighborhood. I did mulch my beans and in about an hour I will mulch my tomato plants.
Today is the 2nd day that I smelled gasoline, it may be my doing or it may be coming from some other source. It will take about a week for anything that I spilled to vaporize, after that I will look for another source.
The tomatoes are mulched but not completely, I ran out of grass clippings. I do have some wood chips that I can spread around. I will do that after this break. 
I will test the pool in about an hour.
My favorite pool sandals died last month, mom got me a pair from Walmart that are fine.
Happy Birthday Renee

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Good Morning,
Steaming this morning. Getting reading to mulch the garden. I mowed and picked up grass clippings. I use them to mulch my clay garden spot. Hopefully the worms will come back to the area. Some of the bees are back. 
Just now mulched my beans. I came in to rest and cool down. I wear a sweat shirt outside because the sun does bad things to my skin as does the grass clippings. 
I did check the pool this morning and it was 86 degrees, a little warm for me but just right for mom.
When this cool down period is over I will mulch my tomato plants.
Happy Birthday Zac

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 4th of July

Good Morning,
I just got up at 0600, I am getting the sleepiness out of my eyes with warm water.
Sitting out on the deck I see whispers of clouds overhead, the cats are pacing, the birds singing and as I listen I see pink on the southeastern horizon clouds.
I feel good this morning.
The garden is growing but wet from the rains. Hopefully I can till it tomorrow. This morning I will slide the cover off the pool and clean it. If it (the pool) is too cold to get into then I will clean by walking around it.
I just got out of the pool, I have just given the pool a good cleaning. The temperature of the pool was 78 degrees, the temperature where I am sitting on the deck is 78 degrees.
I am sitting in my chair posting what I wrote on my smart phone on my blog.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Good Morning

I am inside this morning and posting on my computer. Yesterdays post was via my smart phone Journal.
The outside temperature is 64 and the pool temperature is 74 degrees on the surface and deep down at the bottom. It may take a whole day to get the temperature up to 80. This constant overcast sky is keeping the weather cool. There has not been a day over 76 all week, so our pool follows. The solar heaters work with sunshine. Clouds do no good to heat a solar panel or garden hose.


It quiet and a cool 64 degrees out here on our deck. The birds are very loud, the grass is a Spring time green and it wet out from an overnight shower. The sky is overcast with heavy clouds. It is a perfect late March day.
It is time to relax and drink a cup of coffee.
I added shock and 2lbs of PH up to the pool at 3 pm.  The pool temperature was 76 degrees on the top 78 degrees on the bottom of the pool. Hopefully the pool will warm up tomorrow so I can clean it.