Friday, July 26, 2013

Good Morning,
It seems that I am not posting anything, I am posting on my smart phone and emailing my post to this email address.
Good Morning,
we have blue skies this morning and a temperature of 70 degrees.
The birds are singing with Robins on the wet grass ( dew). Everything is very green. My garden is almost out of control.
The black tom cat went. to sliding door, looked in and meowed. That cat was raised indoors.
The Hummingbirds are back, I heard them by my ears and then I saw 2 of them fly by.
Dark clouds are rolling in from the south. Acourding to RADAR rain is moving in from the south pretty fast, there was nothing in the sky when I first posted early this morning.
Good Morning,
It is 73 degrees outside this morning and very steamy and humid. It feels hot and the wind is cool. The sun is out in this almost clear sky but on our RADAR we have rain storms to our west.
Whatever I will mow in the garden. The hummingbirds are here looking for an easy breakfast of warm nectar.
I am copying files from Mom's old PC to my external 2 gig Drive. I have to be careful not to over heat her old hard drive. So I just run it for an hour then shut it down and let it cool. At one time in the past it was not seen at all by her old system.
Good Morning,
It rained and stormed last night. Mom said something in town got hit pretty with a lightning strike.I now know why our cat Loretta steals white paper out of mom, trash can an steals my white crocheted coaster every night. It is like a bunny rabbit I sleep with. It makes it easier for her to sleep at night. I saw her asleep this morning with a paw on my white coaster.

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