Friday, July 12, 2013

Good Morning,
Bright and early this morning, I shocked the pool. I left the cover off last night to cool the pool, it was 87 degrees last night and this morning it is 83 degrees. It can warm up to 85 by noon with sunshine and warm water from the solar heater.
We have blue skies, birds singing and a lot of noisy activity from the neighborhood. I did mulch my beans and in about an hour I will mulch my tomato plants.
Today is the 2nd day that I smelled gasoline, it may be my doing or it may be coming from some other source. It will take about a week for anything that I spilled to vaporize, after that I will look for another source.
The tomatoes are mulched but not completely, I ran out of grass clippings. I do have some wood chips that I can spread around. I will do that after this break. 
I will test the pool in about an hour.
My favorite pool sandals died last month, mom got me a pair from Walmart that are fine.

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