Sunday, July 14, 2013

It is cloudy and 69 degrees outside on the deck, in the pool it is 83 degrees.
Birds are singing and it is very hazy. 
I am about ready to paint the deck it looks ready. I have a paint that makes the deck look this way so the new finish looks like this when it is done.
I feel good this morning, our grass slowed down it's growth, most of the garden is under control and very green.
I am going to take a photo of a sunflower.
My smart phone sends my photos to my computer laptop for viewing and editing. That way I keep garbage off my Facebook and blogs.
This post I email to my old email address for editing and maybe a post somewhere.
I have eating cucumbers in the fenced in area of the garden. I put pickling cucumbers near my Devils Tower. Mom just said the deer just ate my pickling cucumbers.

The Hackberry before the Ice Storm and my garden before the pool.

The Devils Tower: The Stump of the Hackberry is my Devils Tower where the deer ate my Cucumbers last night.

In 2006 the deer used to lay in the shady spot under the Canna and Elephant Ears shown at left. 
Can you see the matted grass where the deer and fawn lay.
When they got up they would eat fresh tomatoes and tomato plants and fresh Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans from my garden a few feet away.  

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  1. hi dad, enjoy seeing your pictures.....miss seeing you guys because it has been such a busy summer. I am looking at schedules and calendars to see when we can come up before school starts