Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 4th of July

Good Morning,
I just got up at 0600, I am getting the sleepiness out of my eyes with warm water.
Sitting out on the deck I see whispers of clouds overhead, the cats are pacing, the birds singing and as I listen I see pink on the southeastern horizon clouds.
I feel good this morning.
The garden is growing but wet from the rains. Hopefully I can till it tomorrow. This morning I will slide the cover off the pool and clean it. If it (the pool) is too cold to get into then I will clean by walking around it.
I just got out of the pool, I have just given the pool a good cleaning. The temperature of the pool was 78 degrees, the temperature where I am sitting on the deck is 78 degrees.
I am sitting in my chair posting what I wrote on my smart phone on my blog.

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