Sunday, September 11, 2016

Mentally Dancing - 9/11

Good Morning,

I am recuperating, I am in a normal adjustment to pain if I do not move. If I walk it seems as though I have twisted my leg and knee. Mentally I am fine. "Argh Men". I have projects laying in the yard and all over my spaces.
Mom mentioned to me bout a week ago that we would have to remove the spiders from the kitchen window. So when we made a trip to Home Depot one of the products we got was some spider killer. I sprayed the window and then the spiders were dead and a mess in the window. That was 4 days ago. This morning on a whim I decided to clean the window; so I went out and got my "SHOP-VAC" and brought it in; I moved most of everything from the counter and window then dropped out the window.
I cleaned out the dead spiders and web debris and cleaned the window top and bottom. Mom came in and cleaned the counter and the paraphernalia around the window.

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