Monday, September 12, 2016

Crazy Legs

Good Morning,
Still nursing my leg and back, mixed feelings as to what is going on"?*!#?" I remembered the Twin Towers, "Boy was that a, " BIG DEAL". Almost unbelievable but I saw it on TV. I walked to the TV as they were talking about a plane hitting one of the Twin Towers and while I was watching another plane flew into the other tower. I knew then that someone was very evil.
Yesterday I put my eBook on a DVD, mom said let it sit. I watched Casablanca instead of football.

5:00 PM
Ever since I used the paint stripper I have had a cough and coughing up very small amounts of ....
The doctor was right and I need to use a gas mask to strip the sewing machine. The doctor checked my chest and it was fine but I still cough. We went to the store and mom said we do not have enough to get the truck and eat. So we wait on the truck until the 1st of October. Mom had to go sign some papers at the place where my truck was fixed and she said it looks great.
My leg is better that must mean whatever was touching the nerve has left the area ot my brain hads put up a barrier of thought or backwards thumb tacks.

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