Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pool and Deck Update

Good Morning,
I was up early and I noticed that the temperatures this week and maybe next were going to be in the 100 degrees during the hot part of the day; that is too hot to paint the deck as the paint would not soak in and create a bond with the wood; being hot like that would just cover the wood and not penetrate into the wood and that would cause the paint to peel and chip. Ideal temperature would be 70 to 85 degrees.
I just checked the pool and I need to shock it ( I just did); I will check it again at 10:00 AM; I was in it yesterday afternoon and I cleaned it and added water then. Hot weather evaporates water and it seems as though it has a hole in it but that is the price you pay for a pool. It feels great to get into the pool.


  1. I played in water with the hose the other day when the temps were near 100 degrees. It may have been 100 degrees, cause it sure felt like it outside in the sun. I got a new hose and have been washing my cars often just so I can play in the water.

  2. The Pool is a great equalizer for a hot day; washing the car is another way to get cooled off and be outside in the fresh air. It stormed Sunday the 26th so I did not go into the pool; I watched NASCAR.
    I told Laurel about a month ago about a great story I had in mind and told her to write it; I asked the other day if she started the story and she had forgotten about the story and guess what? I forgot what I told her; I made up another story and hopefully it is the one I told her about. My story is a real mystery and almost impossible to figure out. the clues are there but they lead nowhere. I wrote the outline and I am filling in the space between chapters. The way I write my story would be about a page long. So at the moment I am filling in the chapters with fluff.