Thursday, June 23, 2016


Good Morning,
5:30 AM and it is 80 degrees outside this morning; yes it is still dark outside. I moved the cabinet from the computer room, it had wheels but they did not work on carpet; I have to brace up the bottom of the cabinet as mom noticed that it was not holding strong. One small piece of glass in the cabinet fell out but I was there when it did and it did not break; I glued it back in with aquarium glue I had in a box in the garage.
I am sore from moving the cabinet but mom and I got into the pool about 1:00 PM.
Mentally and physically I am fine.
I have a card table in the living room at the moment, at the moment it is holding excess wires and it was holding the excess computer game and stereo equipment; I will move it later this morning so we can have a better view of the cabinet and TV area.

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