Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Good Morning,
It is 76 degrees outside this morning here at home in Western Kentucky; it is dark outside this morning but I was adsorbing the colors of the day yesterday and I saw powder blue skies white luminescent clouds on the edges and light gray on the portion facing me; the trees were dark green and bright green with black in the depth of the shadows of the branches; the mowed grasses were a light gray green and a light brown on the bare earth. The sunflowers were green with bright yellow flowers and the lilies were a stark white with brown spatter. The gladiolas were a rainbow of colors against the green foliage of tall mint.
 I cleaned and vacuumed behind the stereo cabinet/shelves yesterday and this morning I will arrange what wire are left. I may Velcro my electric power strip to my cabinet vertically.
In the photo below I ran my wires through the walls to make them disappear. There Back!
Later this morning I will move the flower pots off the deck and wash the deck so as the water rings on the deck will disappear.

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