Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Plumbing Check Valve

Good Morning,
47 degrees and I hear birds singing in the light rain; yesterday the city dug a hole and split a sewer line in front of our home and put a "T" in the sewer line and added "Shut Off " valve with a "Man-Hole-Cover" down to the shut off valve; when the weather dries up they will run a line to our house and put a pump in that has a "One-Way Check Valve" in it ( a "One-Way Check Valve" has a gate that will close if fluid wants to flow in the opposite direction).

I feel good this morning mentally and physically but you need to ask mom how she feels; yesterday I moved dirt and rock from the rock pile to hole in our back yard. I hurt a nerve using the mattock (hit the rocks "BOING and VIBRATE!!") but it only tinges at times and mom says it will be fine.

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