Thursday, April 21, 2016

National Ad

Good Morning,
Raining outside this morning;
We went to our NARFE meeting at the public library, the library air conditioner was out in our meeting room so we sat in the regular area where they had the air turned up pretty cool and the women at the meeting were cold.
 I have to put together an add for the District to go to the National Convention Booklet. I guess I better get that done. I started work on the ad; it is a black and white ad (a Nice Gray Scale photo that will print well (Kentucky Horse Farm Photo)).I got part of it done but I could not do the rest because I was not allowed into the area I need to go to. I normally have access to that area but not today; I wrote to them a few minutes ago and hopefully before the day is over I will have access again.
I filled and cleaned the pool yesterday after the meeting; I will do that again today; I will go around on the ladder and clean the bottom of the pool. The water temperature of the pool is about 68 degrees; I still have to hook up the heater (money is the problem at the moment) I cut the solar heater out of the system last year and this year I have to put it back in. At the moment it is running with out the solar system being attached. 
Today mom and I are going to figure out what electric circuits are working and then mark them on the board. A lot of them are marked and some are not marked. We need two 110 volt circuits for the new pump we are getting to replace the lines outside our home.
Mom and i found all the circuits just now and I think we have some extra to use.

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